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Old 11-25-2008, 02:48 PM   #1
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Default Good Starting Class?

Well, I was thinking about starting out on the Valk server, and I was just wondering what a good starting class would be. Like a character that I could start out with from scratch and stuff like that.

Thanks ahead of time. ^_^
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Have you played ragnarok at all before? Personally I think mage is a good starting class, because it doesn't require a lot of gear to get to the killin'. But it might depend on your experience with the game, and also depends on what kind of character you like to play. A lot of people like magic, some like being tanks, some like being healers...what do you like?
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I'm more partial to magic, although I do like big swords. :3
I wouldn't mind playing as a mage class, although I would also like a class that could hunt for cards, and equips, since I would be starting with little to nothing. I might be wrong but I don't think mages/wizzys/sages could do that effectively right?
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Old 11-25-2008, 04:28 PM   #4
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Taekwon Kid. It's cheap to level. You don't need any gear. Can change the element of your attack.
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Old 11-25-2008, 11:27 PM   #5
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Thief - gets a lot of money and items from stealing, easy to level because of the flee bonus, hard to screw up with the skills.
Taekwon kid - needs very little gear, very strong attack power. However, they can have trouble at higher levels and can't transcend, losing access to some areas and equipment.
Swordman is another popular choice. Pretty easy to level, but equipment's expensive for a beginner
Acolyte and magician, unless you try a fighter build, not that hard, but quite tedious from my experiece. I'll admit I never tried those two much, though.
Merchant - very hard in the beginning, even if you go for a battle build, expensive - but that's softened somewhat by discount and overcharge skills. Becomes a valuable asset to guild/friends later on, while still eating through zeny like there's no tomorrow.

I think the bad choices on Valkyrie would be archer, gunslinger and ninja. They all require ammo which is significantly more expensive here than on premium servers.

But in the end, it all still boils down to how much experience you have with RO or other MMOG's and how much grinding you can tolerate without getting bored out of your skull. Oh, and your personal preference, of course.

UPD: major edit to list all classes.

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Well, from personal experience, I'd say that you can level off pretty easily with any of the following: Mage, Acolyte, Taekwon Kid and Archer. You don't need much, and you can actually handle yourself pretty easily. Taekwon Kid is literally a no cost class, but it suffers at higher levels and the inability to transcend.

Just don't choose Merchant, Swordsman (Expensive much?) and Gunslinger (Too much trips for ammo, since you won't have enough money to buy like, 25k bullets at a time).

Thiefs are playable, depending on what you try. Don't expect to be ripping off 200~300 right out the start, specially without a damascus. You'll be able to make a small fortune by stealing (Mushrooms can give red bloods and crystal blues; 1~2k each).

On my opinion, however, Mage and Taekwon are the two most independent classes. They both don't actually need equipment, and can kill better than most without them.

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I'd say all regular classes + taekwon class are excellent starting classes (although considering iRO's changes in the job changing procedure even the ninja and gunslinger classes are good starting classes)... just avoid the "pure brewer" or "pure forger" or any of those "pure leech" classes. Of course some are easier due to range (magician, archer classes), but generally any AGI>VIT build is good enough.

[ I stand corrected, the Merchant class is one class you should generally avoid at first unless you are a VERY patient person, basically this is a fighter class that has no special fighting skills other than Mammonite (which is very expensive) and Cart Revolution (the only offensive skill that's actually practical enough for general levelling) until job change. As for Super Novices and Perma Novices, well Super Novices are doable but they need patience and a lot of Play Dead spamming while levelling as a Novice, while Perma Novices are expensive and generally just for fun. ]

You can worry about being a PvP build once you get your feet off the ground.

Swordsman : might seem a bit more intimidating in terms of equipment requirements and the fact that they lack the same dodging capabilities or range as other classes doesn't help, there ARE two things that make this class VERY easy as a starting class:
* Increase HP Recovery -- with this, you can opt to use cheaper HP equips or even just sit through levelling.
* Decent tank and not just a meat shield -- with good HP progression and access to nice weaponry, as your level goes up your levelling does get better, and with skills like Bash, Magnum Break, Pierce (Knight), Bowling Bash (Knight) and Grand Cross (Crusader) you'll definitely make up for lost time.

Thief : Flee is very good for PvM and for starting classes, and the Thief has a lot of it. Less attacks taken means more potions saved, and Steal makes it even more worthwhile to be a Thief. However, there are two things you have to remember:
* Thieves can become more expensive than Swordies because while Swordies can stick to their weapons even after job change, thieves have to buy a whole new set of weapons UNLESS we're talking about the Bow Thief -> Bow Rogue or Dagger Thief -> Dagger Rogue, because katar assassins need to buy katars, dual dagger assassins eventually need to buy a new set of daggers (although they CAN keep it cheap by levelling like a thief for awhile), and sword Rogues -- basically those who want to maximize Backstab, Bowling Bash, or both -- would have to buy swords in the long run.
* Thieves weren't normally meant to take on mobs, especially thieves that have no VIT...

Archer : one of the better choices as a starter class due to Double Strafe. Just be sure the enemy doesn't get too close.

Magician : another of the better choices as a starter class. May be confusing though since you need to know what elements to take advantage of if you are to level the fastest. And please avoid being a Battle Mage at first because Battle Mages are difficult and expensive to go about since they end up as long range spellcasters at first anyway... unless you make them melee, in which case they're almost as bad as Merchants.

Acolyte : GH baby, GH! One of the fastest or slowest to level, your call. Can be cheap or expensive, also your call. Regardless of build I suggest around 50 INT for starters just to get your Heal going

Taekwon : The best melee starting class in my opinion since you can level without any weapons and still do a lot of damage. Lacks Flee and HP recovery though, so this is basically a heavy offense class (unless you go Soul Linker, but that's another story).

Ninja : Awesome 1st job class, can stand toe to toe against even transcendent classes in any field. Tricky to start as one though, just to warn you...

Gunslinger : Insane offensive capabilities, although I suggest you stick to normal bullets unless you're playing GH or some other Undead-infested area... as Undead generally give good drops to offset the high costs of Silver Bullets and other equipment.

My Top 5 Good Starting Classes in non-iRO servers:
1. Archer
2. Magician
3. Taekwon
4. Thief
5. Swordsman

My Top 5 Good Starting Classes in iRO servers:
1. Ninja (magic type)
2. Archer
3. Magician
4. Taekwon
5. Gunslinger (AGI/Handgun type or INT/Shotgun type)
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