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Default Akemi's Monk Guide

Note that I did not write this nor am I taking credit for it. The old thread is too cluttered, so i'm moving his guide here.

iRO Monk Guide

Written in a hurry one night to slow the flood of Monk threads on RO-World ^^;
Over the past few months it has been growing a little more solid.
This is a guide and not an instruction manual, I assume some knowledge of the game.
Most of the source material for this guide is based on jRO and may be slightly ahead of iRO's current status.

updated 04/07/19 :
more skill fixes
adding PvM section
adding MVP section -- mostly theory at the moment as i am not built for MVPing /ho
added a little more to example build overviews
updated Soul Collect

Contact: kawakamiakemi AT hotmail or on forums.

Credit: (Korean) (Korean) (Japanese) (Japanese) (Japanese) (Japanese) (Japanese) (Japanese)
feedback from and now <3

Calculators: is adding Monk and other 2-2 data, but not completely yet is the Monk calc that I use (Japanese) is a translation of the same (Chinese) (Japanese skillcalc) (English skillcalc)

This guide now exists in alternate languages thanks to the efforts of translators. If you would like to translate this to another language, please contact me. If you have a question or comment about an existing translation, please direct it to those that worked on it ^^ (French by Pitou) (German by BSEhuhn and CloakingShadow)


What is a Monk anyway?

With the addition of 2-2 jobs, Acolyte has the choice of progressing to Priest or Monk. Priest is of course the primary support class, although battle Priests can be fierce warriors by using their skills to boost their own abilities. However the new Monk is a dedicated battle path for Acolytes, offering some capabilities unique among all RO jobs. Monk can have high damage output, high crit, and high flee -- not as high as the Assassin, but the Monk has better defense by wearing a shield without reducing her offense. Monk also offers limited support abilities, because she still has all of her Acolyte skills. With many ways to attack and defend the Monk can be a valuable party member that assists in multiple roles.


Monk's stat bonuses at j50 are:
+8 STR
+6 AGI (+7 AGI after a kRO update during Niflheim)
+6 VIT
+2 INT
+4 DEX
+3 LUK

STR is very important for damage and also affects carrying capacity.
* Base damage increases by 1 point per 1 STR.
* There is a large damage bonus every 10 STR ( [STR/10]^2 )
* STR increases weight capacity by 30 units per 1 STR.
Monk's attack skills all depend on normal attack power (STR+weapon).
Make sure your final total is a multiple of 10 to get the most damage you can.

AGI indirectly helps offense (attack speed) and defense (dodge).
It is an important stat but you can not rely on it to do either role alone.
99 AGI 1 STR means you will attack very quickly for tiny amounts of damage.
99 AGI 1 VIT means you will be very frail ;_;
* AGI improves flee by 1 point per 1 AGI.
* AGI improves ASPD every 3~7 AGI, depending on many factors.

VIT increases HP, HP regen, and reduces damage.
VIT also reduces duration and chance of being affected by stun, poison, and silence.
* HP increases by 1% over the base amount for your job and base level per 1 VIT.
* HP recovery items recover 2% more HP per 1 VIT.
* HP regen increases 1 point/tick every 5 VIT, as well as every 200 HP (an indirect function of higher VIT).
* VIT reduces physical attacks by 0.8 damage per 1 VIT.
* VIT reduces magical attacks by 0.5 damage per 1 VIT.
There is no longer believed to be any VIT 'bumps' for extra physical damage reduction.
Previously, there was a small bonus every 20 VIT. It was last tested in Episode 2.0.
This formula seems to have been replaced around Comodo with a more linear one.
VIT is what keeps you alive, especially in WoE. You can not flee crits, magic, DEX hunters, etc.

INT increases SP, SP regen, and reduces magic damage.
INT also reduces duration and chance of being affected by sleep, blind, and stone curse.
* SP increases by 1% over the base amount for your job and base level per 1 INT.
* SP recovery items recover 2% more SP per 1 INT.
* SP regen increases every 6 INT, as well as every 100 SP (an indirect function of higher INT).
* SP regen increases further at 120 INT and for every 2 points after, though not a practical goal for Monks.
* INT reduces magical attacks by 1 damage per 1 INT.
* INT raises Heal power for every 8 points of (INT+blvl).
* INT raises MATK if you wish to play around with Holy Light /swt
Asura Strikers will want plenty of INT, as more SP means more Asura damage.

DEX is needed for accuracy and increases casting speed and minimum damage.
* DEX improves accuracy by 1 point per 1 DEX.
* DEX improves casting speed by 2/3% per 1 DEX.
* DEX improves base damage by 1 point per 5 DEX.
* DEX improves attack speed very slightly (1/4 efficiency of AGI).
A Monk built around Manipulate Sphere will need higher DEX.
A Monk built to MVP using Occult Impaction and/or Guillotine Fist will also want faster cast speed.
Otherwise Monks need points in too many other stats to really afford more than 'enough to hit'.

LUK increases critical rate and perfect dodge, and reduces enemies' critical rate.
LUK also reduces the effects of curse and is thought to reduce most other status effects slightly.
* LUK improves critical rate by 1% per 3.333.. LUK.
* LUK reduces enemies' crit rate on you by 1% per 5 LUK.
* LUK, like DEX, adds 1 point of base damage per 5 LUK.
* LUK gives you an additional 1% perfect dodge per 10 LUK.
Every 10 LUK is 3% critical rate, -2% critical shield, +2 damage, and 1% perfect dodge.
This stat is only particularly important for a Critical Monk build, but a small amount can be useful.

I highly encourage all players to invent their own build that works for them!
Use a stat calculator and plan towards 99/50, just so that you know when to stop adding points in each stat.
Set goals for equipment as well to reach the highest STR bonus you can.

Having a goal is nice, but how will you get there? Battle aco is not an easy job, but you can make it easier by focusing on basic combat stats. That means STR/AGI or STR/VIT. Do not touch INT. Do not touch LUK. You can add some DEX but more than about 20 isn't using your points well. If you find yourself missing too much with 20 DEX, you are levelling on the wrong monsters.

Balancing stats is the goal, but the most common problem that I see is low STR. I see acos with 10 STR 70 AGI: it doesn't matter how well you can dodge if it takes too long to kill anything worth good exp -- eventually you will get hit. I see acos with 10 STR 20 DEX 30 INT and they do not understand why they can not fight well. Nothing helps your combat capability as much as STR and it should be one of your highest stats through your entire career as Acolyte AND Monk. I can not stress that point enough. If there is ever doubt on where you should put your next stat points, start adding STR and keep adding until you reach the next /10 bonus.


Acolyte Skills

--- Healing tree

Active, 13~40 SP, no cast time, 1s delay after
Fundamental Acolyte skill, healing injuries and attracting beggars. Higher skill levels increase the amount healed. The skill can also be used to "healbomb" as a Holy element attack against Undead and only Undead.
lv1 13 SP, heal power 12 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv2 16 SP, heal power 20 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv3 19 SP, heal power 28 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv4 22 SP, heal power 36 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv5 25 SP, heal power 44 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv6 28 SP, heal power 52 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv7 31 SP, heal power 60 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv8 34 SP, heal power 68 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv9 37 SP, heal power 76 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
lv10 40 SP, heal power 84 x (blvl+INT)/8 HP
Requirements: none
Required for: Cure (2), Increase Agility (3)
Recommended: A topic of intense debate! Many argue that a low level Heal is enough for a Monk but I feel that the increased SP efficiency of higher levels is worthwhile and the ability to recover from damage more quickly can save your life.

Active, 15 SP, no cast time, 1s delay after
Recovers selected player from Silence, Blind, or Chaos status. Causes Chaos status if used on Undead.
lv1 10 SP, recover status
Requirements: Heal 2
Required for: none
Recommended: Not recommended. You can not cast if you are Silenced, Blind is not a grave threat, and Chaos is not yet implemented. Better to get an Obeaune card instead of using a precious skill point.

Increase Agility (IA)
Active, 15 HP + 18~45 SP, 1s cast time, 1s delay after
Increases target's AGI by 2 points plus the skill level and increases movement speed by 25%. Negates DA. Negated by DA, Quagmire. This is currently the only spell that requires HP as well as SP.
lv1 18 SP, AGI +3, 60s effect
lv2 21 SP, AGI +4, 80s effect
lv3 24 SP, AGI +5, 100s effect
lv4 27 SP, AGI +6, 120s effect
lv5 30 SP, AGI +7, 140s effect
lv6 33 SP, AGI +8, 160s effect
lv7 36 SP, AGI +9, 180s effect
lv8 39 SP, AGI +10, 200s effect
lv9 42 SP, AGI +11, 220s effect
lv10 45 SP, AGI +12, 240s effect
Requirements: Heal 3
Required for: Decrease Agility (1)
Recommended: This is the second-most important buff after Blessing. 12 AGI is 12 flee and typically 2 or 3 points of ASPD to combat jobs like the Monk. All jobs can take advantage of the faster walk speed however.

Decrease Agility (DA)
Active, 15~33 SP, 1s cast time, 1s delay after
Decreases target's AGI by 2 points plus the skill level and decreases movement speed by 25%. Negates IA. Negated by IA. This spell can fail. Success rate is thought to be 50% + 3%/skill level + caster level/5 + INT/5 - target MDEF.
lv1 15 SP, base 53% success, AGI -3, 40s effect
lv2 17 SP, base 56% success, AGI -4, 50s effect
lv3 19 SP, base 59% success, AGI -5, 60s effect
lv4 21 SP, base 62% success, AGI -6, 70s effect
lv5 23 SP, base 65% success, AGI -7, 80s effect
lv6 25 SP, base 68% success, AGI -8, 90s effect
lv7 27 SP, base 71% success, AGI -9, 100s effect
lv8 29 SP, base 74% success, AGI -10, 110s effect
lv9 31 SP, base 77% success, AGI -11, 120s effect
lv10 33 SP, base 80% success, AGI -12, 130s effect
Requirements: Increase Agility 1
Required for: none
Recommended: This is a potentially interesting spell, making a tough target slower and easier to hit. A low level in the skill is just as effective in reducing movement if successful so it may be worth a spare point or two. The full 10 points will cut into a Monk's other support, however.

--- Demon-Hunter tree

Divine Protection (DP)
Reduces damage from Undead and Demon enemies by 3 points per skill level.
lv1 -3 damage
lv2 -6 damage
lv3 -9 damage
lv4 -12 damage
lv5 -15 damage
lv6 -18 damage
lv7 -21 damage
lv8 -24 damage
lv9 -27 damage
lv10 -30 damage
Requirements: none
Required for: Demon Bane (3), Angelus (3), Blessing (5)
Recommended: 10 is required for Iron Fist, the first Monk skill. There are not many enemies an Acolyte will use this skill for, but maxing DP early cuts Zombie damage in half and makes Payon 1 an excellent map to level on.

kRO update 04/07/13: DP's damage reduction will depend on your base level. New formula still unknown.

Demon Bane (DB)
Adds 3 points of mastery-type damage per skill level to Undead and Demon targets.
lv1 +3 damage
lv2 +6 damage
lv3 +9 damage
lv4 +12 damage
lv5 +15 damage
lv6 +18 damage
lv7 +21 damage
lv8 +24 damage
lv9 +27 damage
lv10 +30 damage
Requirements: Divine Protection (3)
Required for: Signum Crucis (3)
Recommended: 10 is required for Iron Fist, the first Monk skill. Extra damage is always good and you don't need to spend SP on this one either.

kRO update 04/07/13: DB's bonus damage will depend on your base level. New formula still unknown.

Signum Crucis (SC)
Active, 35 SP, 0.5s cast time, 2s delay after
Makes the sign of the cross, weakening all Undead and Demon enemies near the caster. This skill can fail, although each monster in range is checked individually so it may fail against some but affect others. Success rate is 25% + 2%/skill level + caster level - target level. This is an unpopular skill and has not been tested much; iRO official site currently says "Decreases the defence of undead and shadow property monsters" which would be a change.
lv1 35 SP, base 27% success, -12% DEF
lv2 35 SP, base 29% success, -14% DEF
lv3 35 SP, base 31% success, -16% DEF
lv4 35 SP, base 33% success, -18% DEF
lv5 35 SP, base 35% success, -20% DEF
lv6 35 SP, base 37% success, -22% DEF
lv7 35 SP, base 39% success, -24% DEF
lv8 35 SP, base 41% success, -26% DEF
lv9 35 SP, base 43% success, -28% DEF
lv10 35 SP, base 45% success, -30% DEF
Requirements: Demon Bane (3)
Required for: none
Recommended: Another potentially interesting spell but unlike Decrease Agility the effect would really be too small to notice at low levels. If you can spare enough points this may be interesting to experiment with.

Active, 23~50 SP, 0.5s cast time, 3.5s delay after
Increases the VIT-based damage reduction of the caster and all nearby party members. VIT itself is unaffected so this spell does not improve HP, HP regen, or status resistance. It only functions as a shield to reduce damage but can make a huge difference in any VIT character's tanking power.
lv1 18 SP, VIT defense +5%, 30s effect
lv2 21 SP, VIT defense +10%, 60s effect
lv3 24 SP, VIT defense +15%, 90s effect
lv4 27 SP, VIT defense +20%, 120s effect
lv5 30 SP, VIT defense +25%, 150s effect
lv6 33 SP, VIT defense +30%, 180s effect
lv7 36 SP, VIT defense +35%, 210s effect
lv8 39 SP, VIT defense +40%, 240s effect
lv9 42 SP, VIT defense +45%, 270s effect
lv10 45 SP, VIT defense +50%, 300s effect
Requirements: Divine Protection (3)
Required for: none
Recommended: This is an all or nothing skill as 5% isn't much improvement for even 100 VIT. A high-VIT Monk should max this instead of Increase Agility. Many INT/VIT support Priests are likely to have Angelus 10 so you should not worry about getting it for parties if you will not benefit personally.

Active, 28~64 SP, no cast time
Increases target's STR, DEX, and INT by one point per skill level. Reduces an Undead or Demon target's STR/DEX/INT to half, which can drastically reduce the flee required to dodge many strong monsters.
lv1 28 SP, STR/DEX/INT+1, 60s effect
lv2 32 SP, STR/DEX/INT+2, 80s effect
lv3 36 SP, STR/DEX/INT+3, 100s effect
lv4 40 SP, STR/DEX/INT+4, 120s effect
lv5 44 SP, STR/DEX/INT+5, 140s effect
lv6 48 SP, STR/DEX/INT+6, 160s effect
lv7 52 SP, STR/DEX/INT+7, 180s effect
lv8 56 SP, STR/DEX/INT+8, 200s effect
lv9 60 SP, STR/DEX/INT+9, 220s effect
lv10 64 SP, STR/DEX/INT+10, 240s effect
Requirements: Divine Protection (5)
Required for: none
Recommended: The single most important buff. +10 STR and +10 DEX is a huge improvement for any combat character and INT and DEX are equally important to casters. Because many players optimize their stats (STR in 10s, etc), a level 9 Blessing usually isn't enough for the large damage boost.
100 STR : 100 (STR) + 100 (bonus) = 200 base damage
109 STR : 109 (STR) + 100 (bonus) = 209 base damage
110 STR : 110 (STR) + 121 (bonus) = 231 base damage
This is why Blessing is also an all-or-nothing buff and Blessing 10 is very strongly recommended. If you are an AGI build and very very sure that you want to skip this (maybe you always play with someone that has a support Priest) then Blessing 1 is still worthwhile for offensive blessing.

--- Warp Tree

Active, 10 SP, no cast time
A holy light that swirls around the caster for a few seconds, revealing hidden enemies nearby. Anyone revealed and anyone that attempts to hide while the skill is in effect takes Holy elemental damage.
lv1 10 SP, ~150% MATK
Requirements: none
Required for: Teleport (1)
Recommended: Very useful in PvP/WoE against Thief Assassin and Rogue characters, as well as anyone else equipped with a Hiding Clip or Guard Muffler. Only a few monsters have Hide or Cloak skills.

Active, 9 SP, no cast time
Instantly moves the caster to a new location.
lv1 9 SP, Teleport to random location on same map (as fly wing)
lv2 9 SP, Teleport to save point (as butterfly wing)
Requirements: Ruwach 1
Required for: Warp Portal (2)
Recommended: Carrying wings can duplicate any effect of this spell but it is both convenient and saves weight to rely on a skill instead. If you desperately need skill points for other things, you won't miss too much by skipping this.

Warp Portal
Active, 26~35 SP, 1s cast time
Creates a portal able to transport up to eight people to a predetermined location. After the Gonryun update only points within one map of a town can be memorized but before that any outdoor map can be memoed.
lv1 35 SP, 10s portal, warp to saved location only
lv2 32 SP, 15s portal, one extra memorized location
lv3 29 SP, 20s portal, two extra memorized locations
lv4 26 SP, 25s portal, three extra memorized locations
Requirements: Teleport 2
Required for: Pneuma (4)
Recommended: There is never a shortage of Warp Acolytes and Warp Priests, so Warp Monks will never be needed. Only learn this skill to get Pneuma.

Active, 10 SP, no cast time
Completely blocks missile attacks in a 3x3 tile area. This includes all archer-type monsters, any attack made with a Bow, the Hunter's falcon, the Knight's Spear Boomerang, and the Monk's Manipulate Sphere. The effect cannot be stacked over Safety Wall or another Pneuma.
lv1 10 SP, 10s duration
Requirements: Warp Portal 4
Required for: none
Recommended: The value in PvP/WoE against Hunters is worth the heavy cost in requirements.

--- Miscellaneous

Aqua Benedicta
Active, 10 SP, no cast time, 2s delay after
Creates Holy Water when standing in water. An Empty Bottle is required to store the Holy Water.
lv1 10 SP, Holy Water 1 ea
Requirements: none
Required for: none
Recommended: Holy Water can be used to cure Curse status, but this is really a wasted point for Monks. Leave this skill for Priests with Aspersio.

Holy Light (HL)
Active, 15 SP, 2s cast time
A direct Holy element attack against one enemy within range.
lv1 15 SP, 125% MATK
Requirements: This is a quest skill that can be learned by any Acolyte that reaches job level 30 by taking a Rosary, an Opal, and a Crystal Blue to a priest in Prontera Sanctuary. It does not take a skill point.
Required for: none
Recommended: This skill is most useful with high INT for damage and high DEX, since with no cast delay it is possible to fire holy bolts off very quickly. This is surely not the Monk's best way to attack, but since it is almost free you may as well learn it anyway. The ability to reach out and strike quickly may be useful in pulling monsters towards you for example.

Example Acolyte Skill Builds

It is strongly recommended to go all the way to j50 Acolyte before changing to Monk!

Divine Protection 10 and Demon Bane 10 are required before getting any Monk skills.
Heal, Blessing, and either Increase Agility or Angelus are the main choices for remaining 29 skill points.
The warp tree (Ruwach, Teleport, Warp Portal, Pneuma) is good if you can give up other skills.
Signum Crucis and Decrease Agility might be useful if there were more points -_-
Some also like to have the point in Cure.
Aqua Benedicta is almost completely useless to Monks. Avoid it!

Standard PvM build as follows:

10 Divine Protection
10 Demon Bane
10 Blessing
10 Increase Agility (substitute 10 Angelus for VIT build)
9 Heal

If you want to include Pneuma, consider something like this:

10 Divine Protection
10 Demon Bane
10 Blessing
1 Increase Agility (for movement speed)
1 Ruwach
2 Teleport
4 Warp Portal
1 Pneuma
10 Heal (3 Heal 8 AGI possible if you want to live on potions)

Monk Skills

Monk skills are some of the most interesting in the game, inspired by many legendary martial arts techniques. Except for Iron Fist and Dash Like a Bullet, I divide these skills into a "spirit tree" and a "physical tree". Each of these has two branches that I do not have any name for ^^

Before Juno was even on kRO, Gravity released preliminary names and information about Monk skills. Most of those names were not very imaginative and sucked the poetic martial arts flavor from the original names. Unfortunately almost all of the official names are even worse. I am still including the original names released as many people still use those.

Iron Fists (formerly Iron Fist; IF)
Increases damage with knuckle weapons and while unarmed. Like other masteries, this damage is added after reductions from the target's DEF but can still be reduced by ex. Reydric and Thara cards.
lv1 +3 damage
lv2 +6 damage
lv3 +9 damage
lv4 +12 damage
lv5 +15 damage
lv6 +18 damage
lv7 +21 damage
lv8 +24 damage
lv9 +27 damage
lv10 +30 damage
Requirements: Divine Protection 10, Demon Bane 10
Required for: Summon Spirit Sphere (2), Flee (5)
Recommended: Almost all Monks will have at least 5 points in this skill, but you may not be able to spare more than that. +3 damage per skill point is minimal compared to the increase in damage you can get from raising other skills. Spirit Monks should mostly be using maces in any case and would gain no benefit from this skill at all.

Snap (formerly Dash Like a Bullet)
Active, 10 SP, no cast time, no delay, uses one spirit sphere
A directed teleport that lets you move to a selected tile on your screen. The skill will fail if you attempt to Dash where there is no direct route (so you can not teleport up a cliff, for example). Useful for surprise attacks and quick escapes. Very useful in PvP/WoE to pass area spells and traps and get to wizards, hunters, and other soft targets.
lv1 10 SP, teleport
Requirements: Guillotine Fist 3, Mental Strength 3, Spiritual Cadence 2
Required for: none
Recommended: Snap only requires one point itself but getting this skill involves 47 of the 49 skill points a Monk has. You will have a medium level in literally every other skill, leaving only 2 points to specialize in one or two other skills (I think the spirit attacks might be good choices).

--- Spirit Tree

Summon Spirit Sphere (formerly just Spirit Sphere; SS)
Active, 8 SP/sphere, uninterruptable 1.5s base cast time
Manifest part of a Monk's spirit as a small orb that can be used for other skills. They last for 10 minutes or until consumed. Each sphere adds 3 damage per hit for as long as it exists, even if the Monk misses. This damage is multiplied by cards in weapons but not element, making it better than a Star Crumb (which is not affected by card or element), but inferior to Blacksmith's Weapon Research (which can be multiplied by either or both).
lv1 8 SP, maximum of 1 active sphere
lv2 8 SP, maximum of 2 active spheres
lv3 8 SP, maximum of 3 active spheres
lv4 8 SP, maximum of 4 active spheres
lv5 8 SP, maximum of 5 active spheres
Requirements: Iron Fist 2
Required for: Spirit Sphere Absorption (5), Occult Impaction (5), Flee (5)
Recommended: Fundamental skill. All Monks will have 5 here.

Spirit Sphere Absorption (formerly Inspiration)
Active, 5 SP, 2s cast time, uses all available spirit spheres
Recovers most of the SP from unused spheres. Can be used to steal enemy Monks' SP in PvP/WoE. While creating spheres must be done one at a time, this skill consumes all created spheres in a single cast. You can not use this skill to regenerate SP by creating and recovering spheres! Creating one sphere takes 8 SP, using this skill takes 5 SP for a total of 13 SP used, and one sphere gives 7 SP back for a total of 6 SP lost. Five spheres costs 40 SP, skill costs 5 SP for 45 SP used, and only 35 SP are recovered for a loss of 10 SP.
lv1 5 SP, recovers 7 SP/sphere
Requirements: Summon Spirit Sphere 5
Required for: Fury (1)
Recommended: Required for Critical Monks and Asura Strikers, may also be a good idea for PvP if you have an extra point.

Future Update: This skill will allow you to steal SP from monsters. Success rate is 20% (unmodifiable?) and steals 2 SP per level of monster.

Fury (formerly Critical Explosion)
Active, 15 SP, no cast time, uses five spirit spheres
A surge of spiritual energy increasing the user's rate of critical hits for three minutes. SP regeneration is disabled while the Monk's spirit is focused on this power.
lv1 15 SP, +10 critical
lv2 15 SP, +12.5 critical
lv3 15 SP, +15 critical
lv4 15 SP, +17.5 critical
lv5 15 SP, +20 critical
Requirements: Spirit Sphere Absorption 1
Required for: Guillotine Fist (3)
Recommended: 5 if you plan to use it (by which Monks can achieve second-best critical rate of any job), 3 for Asura Strikers, otherwise skip.

Occult Impaction (formerly Psychic Wave; OI, PW)
Active, 10~20 SP, uninterruptable 1s base cast time, 0.5s delay after, uses one spirit sphere
Uses one sphere in a close-range Neutral element attack. This skill does not miss. Instead of normal reduction by target's DEF and VIT, damage is multiplied by 1% per point of the target's DEF+VIT. A Poring with 0 DEF 1 VIT will only take 4.75% of a normal attack's damage from lv5 while the same skill would do almost 900% to Orc Lord.
lv1 10 SP, 175% ATK
lv2 14 SP, 250% ATK
lv3 17 SP, 325% ATK
lv4 19 SP, 400% ATK
lv5 20 SP, 475% ATK
Requirements: Summon Spirit Sphere 5
Required for: Throw Spirit Sphere (3)
Recommended: Try to max if you plan to use this. Very useful for high-DEF enemies that are difficult to damage other ways. Since it has no extra requirements all Monks should consider adding this skill.

Throw Spirit Sphere (formerly Manipulate Sphere; TSS, MSS, MS)
Active, 10 SP, uninterruptable 0.8s+0.7s/sphere base cast time, 0.5s delay after, uses one to five spirit spheres
Uses spirit spheres as a direct attack with a range of 10 tiles. Pneuma WILL block this skill. TSS has a significant cast time and uses your normal hit rate, which makes high DEX very desirable. Target DEF reduces damage normally. Unlike other spirit attacks, this skill will use the element of your current weapon. It is possible to select a lower skill level to use less than the maximum available spheres, but your damage will suffer as a result. Using TSS 5 with one sphere available will hit once for 250% for example, while using TSS 1 with five spheres will hit once for 150%.
lv1 10 SP, 150% ATK/sphere, max. 1 sphere (1.5s, 150%)
lv2 10 SP, 175% ATK/sphere, max. 2 spheres (2.2s, 350%)
lv3 10 SP, 200% ATK/sphere, max. 3 spheres (2.9s, 600%)
lv4 10 SP, 225% ATK/sphere, max. 4 spheres (3.6s, 900%)
lv5 10 SP, 250% ATK/sphere, max. 5 spheres (4.3s, 1250%)
Requirements: Occult Impaction 3
Required for: Guillotine Fist (3)
Recommended: Any level of this skill can be useful for sniping as archers can, but damage and SP efficiency rises dramatically with skill level. TSS 5 is extremely powerful but the skill works best on "soft" targets.

Guillotine Fist (formerly Asura Strike; GF, AS)
Active, 1 SP, 4s~2s base cast time, 3s~1s delay after, uses five spirit spheres
The most powerful skill a Monk has, but also has some severe limitations. The skill can only be activated while Fury is active and deactivates that skill when used. All remaining SP is consumed in a single mighty blow and the Monk's exhausted spirit can not regenerate SP for five minutes after using the skill. Asura Strike is a Neutral element attack that ignores DEF. Total damage is equal to base ATK x (8 + SP/10) + 250 + 150/level and can be multiplied by appropriate cards. There is a damage calculator at Guillotine can be used while catching someone in a lv5 Root or with no cast time at the end of a combo attack (Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Asura) but the Fury and sphere requirements remain in both cases (GF is usable with 4 spheres remaining after activating Root/Thrust).
lv1 1 SP, 4.0s cast, 3.0s delay, +400 damage
lv2 1 SP, 3.5s cast, 2.5s delay, +550 damage
lv3 1 SP, 3.0s cast, 2.0s delay, +700 damage
lv4 1 SP, 2.5s cast, 1.5s delay, +850 damage
lv5 1 SP, 2.0s cast, 1.0s delay, +1000 damage
Requirements: Fury 3, Throw Spirit Sphere 3
Required for: Snap (3)
Recommended: Since the damage from this skill comes from your SP, the main reason to have more than one point is for the lower cast time. Guillotine 1 is enough to effectively use the skill in a combo or with Root. Guillotine 3 for Snap. Guillotine 5 to be able to attack quickly at any time. To maximize the power of the skill, your priorities should be: 1. Equipment with SP-increasing cards (Roda Frog, Wilow, Sohee or Verit) 2. High STR 3. High INT for more base SP (and the extra regen will help). Increasing the Asura skill level has a very small effect on total damage compared to these other factors.

Note that unlike the other spirit attack techniques this skill CAN be interrupted, making a Phen accessory a possibility for Monks who wish to use the skill on a hectic battlefield. The Hide skill can also be used to escape, so use Ruwach before Asura. Safety Wall currently stops Asura (although will not in a later update). Some people claim the skill has +120 hit, some say it will always hit. More testing required.

--- Physical Tree

Flee -_-^ (formerly Falling Pear Petals; FPP)
Improves flee rate. Through advanced training the Monk is able to sidestep attacks that might strike another.
lv1 +1 flee
lv2 +3 flee
lv3 +4 flee
lv4 +6 flee
lv5 +7 flee
lv6 +9 flee
lv7 +10 flee
lv8 +12 flee
lv9 +13 flee
lv10 +15 flee
Requirements: Iron Fists 5, Summon Spirit Sphere 5
Required for: Raging Trifecta Blow (5), Root (5)
Recommended: Almost all Monks will have at least 5 in this skill. However it is not as effective as the Thief's Improved Dodge and uses precious Monk skill points, so it is not a great idea to max this skill. Even numbered levels give 2 flee while odd numbers only give 1 flee, so the optimum level is 6, 8, or 10 (probably 6). VIT Monks that want access to combo skills, Mental Strength, or Snap must spend 5 points here. Don't feel too bad, AGI Monks had to waste 10 Acolyte points in Divine Protection...

Raging Trifecta Blow (formerly Triple Blows)
Passive, 1.3s base delay after (see description)
Randomly strikes during normal attacking with a flurry of blows. Afterward there is a delay where Quadruple Blows can be activated. This delay is (1.3 - AGI x 0.004 - DEX x 0.002) seconds. So 50 AGI and 50 DEX would be (1.3 - 0.2 - 0.1) 1.0 seconds. This delay always occurs even if you do not have the next skill available to activate, and is always the full duration no matter how quickly you are pressing your hotkeys. In other words, breaking your keyboard does not mean you will attack faster than someone who has the timing to press once within the time allowed. Note that having very high AGI may make it difficult to execute combos, especially in a laggy situation!
lv1 120% ATK, 29% chance
lv2 140% ATK, 28% chance
lv3 160% ATK, 27% chance
lv4 180% ATK, 26% chance
lv5 200% ATK, 25% chance
lv6 220% ATK, 24% chance
lv7 240% ATK, 23% chance
lv8 260% ATK, 22% chance
lv9 280% ATK, 21% chance
lv10 300% ATK, 20% chance
Requirements: Flee 5
Required for: Raging Quadruple Blow (5)
Recommended: Again most Monks will have at least 5. Because the activation chance actually decreases, total damage output is not a straightforward increase with skill level. Asura Strikers and other high INT builds may be better off leaving Trifecta at 5 and doing more combos, as they have more SP to burn for extra damage. On the other hand a high-VIT low-AGI Monk will have a long delay and want fewer, stronger flurries. A critical build wants fewer as well to allow more chances for crits.

This skill differs from the Thief's Double Attack in many key regards. First of course the delay, as Double Attack takes the same amount of time as a normal attack while this skill takes longer. Trifecta (and Quadruple) actually counts for damage as a single strike. This means that damage bonuses from upgrades, masteries, Star Crumbs, and Spirit Spheres are only applied ONCE and divided evenly among the three (four) visible hits. Therefore even with lv10 Trifecta these "individual hits" will usually be weaker than a single normal attack. On the positive side enemy VIT reduction is also only applied once, so against high-VIT targets the total damage may be much higher than expected. True to her sneaky ways the Thief does not say Double Attack !! every other hit, but the Monk has no such reservations with Trifecta. You will probably not see anything an AGI Monk types while she is fighting, so do not use /notalkmsg or you will never "hear" her over the combos ^^; While Silence status does NOT stop this skill from activating, Trifecta DOES count as an active skill against guild fort Emperiums and will miss.

About 2/3 down there is a long analysis of Trifecta. Summarizing some results, Trifecta 5 was an average damage increase of 21.18% while Trifecta 10 is a 36.55% increase. However, Trifecta 5 Quad 5 is an average 61.00% extra damage per hit and Trifecta 10 Quad 5 is only slightly higher, 66.92%. If you are spending SP to do combos then those extra five skill points do not help enough to be valuable.

Raging Quadruple Blow (formerly Quadruple Blows)
Active, 11~15 SP, 1.3s base delay after
Performs another flurry. There is a delay after when Raging Thrust can be activated. This delay has the same duration as Trifecta above.
lv1 11 SP, 200% ATK
lv2 12 SP, 250% ATK
lv3 13 SP, 300% ATK
lv4 14 SP, 350% ATK
lv5 15 SP, 400% ATK
Requirements: Raging Trifecta Blow 5
Required for: Raging Thrust (3)
Recommended: Although this does less damage than Way of the Dragon, it might be better to max this instead if you use it more.

Raging Thrust (formerly Way of the Dragon; RT, WotD)
Active, 11~15 SP, 1.3s base delay after, one spirit sphere used
Performs a single explosive strike that also knocks the target back (until a later update). There is a delay after when Guillotine Fist can be activated, if the Monk is using Fury and began the combo with five spirit spheres. This delay is 0.3 seconds shorter than that of Triple Blows above.
lv1 11 SP, 300% ATK
lv2 12 SP, 360% ATK
lv3 13 SP, 420% ATK
lv4 14 SP, 480% ATK
lv5 15 SP, 540% ATK
Requirements: Raging Quadruple Blows 3
Required for: Mental Strength (3)
Recommended: High INT monks with combo skills will want to max this to do the most possible damage. Those that just want Physical Immune can leave it at 3.

Mental Strength (formerly Physical Immune; MS, PI)
Active, 200 SP, uninterruptable 5s base cast time, five spirit spheres used
Temporarily boosts the Monk's DEF and MDEF to 90 while reducing attack speed by 25%, reducing movement speed, and disabling all active skills. This is DEF as from armor so damage from weapons and spells is reduced to at least 10% (with 1 VIT/INT) and even as little as 1 damage if the Monk has enough VIT/INT.
lv1 200 SP, 30s duration
lv2 200 SP, 60s duration
lv3 200 SP, 90s duration
lv4 200 SP, 120s duration
lv5 200 SP, 150s duration
Requirements: Raging Thrust 3
Required for: Snap (3)
Recommended: A very powerful skill but it can not be stopped once activated. However one or two points may not be a practical use of so much SP. Choose carefully!

Root (formerly Dilemma)
Active, 10 SP, 0.5~1.3s cast window, 0.5s delay after, one spirit sphere used
This skill operates like the Knight's Counter Attack, but instead "catches" an attacker, freezing both Monk and target for a few moments. Certain skills are available for the Monk to attack with, depending on Dilemma skill level. Both Monk and attacker are stopped until the Monk uses a skill, the Monk dies, the attacker dies, or Dilemma's duration expires. Unlike Freeze/Stone Curse status the attacker still has all flee and DEF. Further, if the attacker is a Monk with the Root skill then they are free to use their skills as well (determined by their own Root skill level?).
lv1 10 SP, 0.5s window, 20s duration, no skills available
lv2 10 SP, 0.7s window, 30s duration, Throw Spirit Sphere available
lv3 10 SP, 0.9s window, 40s duration, Occult Impaction also available
lv4 10 SP, 1.1s window, 50s duration, Raging Quadruple Blows also available
lv5 10 SP, 1.3s window, 60s duration, Guillotine Fist also available (in Fury with four spheres left after Root)
Requirements: Flee 5
Required for: Spiritual Cadence (2)
Recommended: Spirit Monks may appreciate the chance to attack freely with their powerful but unwieldy skills. Combo Monks may not have the skill points to spare when they can already attack easily. This skill can not be used to counter attack skills and so its only real use against other players is against those that use normal attacks, such as Assassins and battle Priests.

Spiritual Cadence (formerly Spiritual Relaxation)
Regenerates a small amount of both HP and SP every 10 seconds while sitting, like a weaker version of the Swordsman and Magician skills. Having to sit is less convenient and because of the changes to natural VIT/INT based regeneration this skill is not nearly as useful as it would have been. However, unlike natural regen it still functions during Fury and after Guillotine Fist, and even operates at half speed when overweight.
lv1 Recover MHP/500 + 4 HP and MSP/500 + 2 SP per 10s
lv2 Recover MHP/250 + 8 HP and MSP/250 + 4 SP per 10s
lv3 Recover MHP/166 + 12 HP and MSP/166 + 6 SP per 10s
lv4 Recover MHP/125 + 16 HP and MSP/125 + 8 SP per 10s
lv5 Recover MHP/100 + 20 HP and MSP/100 + 10 SP per 10s
Requirements: Root 2
Required for: Snap (2)
Recommended: The regeneration may be useful for Asura Strikers and Critical Monks, but others should have enough natural regeneration that this skill is not really needed.

--- Champion Skills

Preliminary stat bonuses for j70 Champion: +9 STR, +9 AGI, +7 VIT, +7 INT, +10 DEX, +3 LUK
(source: gamejok)

Palm Push Strike
Active, 22~30 SP, no cast time, 1s delay after
THIS IS A CHAMPION-LEVEL SKILL that will only be available to those Monks that reach level 99 and reset to become an advanced job. The skill can only be activated while Fury is active. Palm Push Strike attacks with a single powerful blow. The enemy takes a large amount of damage and is knocked back three tiles.
lv1 22 SP, 150% ATK
lv2 24 SP, 250% ATK
lv3 26 SP, 350% ATK
lv4 28 SP, 450% ATK
lv5 30 SP, 550% ATK
Requirements: Iron Fists 7, Summon Spirit Sphere 5 (Fury is not a listed requirement so you can learn this skill before you can use it..?)
Required for: none
Recommended: The delay after use limits the value of this skill for AGI Champions but this looks like a great way for VIT-based builds to burn SP for damage in a hurry. Their normal attack speed is roughly one attack per second anyway. PPS 5 costs about 1/3 more SP but does almost four times as much damage so maxing this is a good use of points.

Tiger Knuckle Fist
Active, currently unknown SP cost, 1.3s base delay after, one spirit sphere used
THIS IS A CHAMPION-LEVEL SKILL that will only be available to those Monks that reach level 99 and reset to become an advanced job. An additional combo skill that can be activated after Raging Thrust, this skill is used to chase and crash into the target after it has been blown away, possibly stopping it from taking any action for a brief period. The duration of this effect is half that of Ankle Snare. Guillotine Fist or Chain Crush Combo can be chained after this skill.
lv1 ? SP, 120% ATK, 10% chance to stop
lv2 ? SP, 140% ATK, 15% chance to stop
lv3 ? SP, 160% ATK, 20% chance to stop
lv4 ? SP, 180% ATK, 25% chance to stop
lv5 ? SP, 200% ATK, 30% chance to stop
Requirements: Iron Fists 5, Summon Spirit Sphere 5, Raging Trifecta Blow 5, Raging Thrust 3 (which you have those first three for anyway >.>)
Required for: Chain Crush Combo (2)
Recommended: This sounds like an interesting addition to combos although it means even more keys to jam ~_~

Chain Crush Combo
Active, currently unknown SP cost, 0.8~1.0s delay after, one spirit sphere used
THIS IS A CHAMPION-LEVEL SKILL that will only be available to those Monks that reach level 99 and reset to become an advanced job. This is a final combo skill that can be chained after Raging Thrust OR after Tiger Knuckle Fist. TKF can not be chained after this skill, but Guillotine Fist can.
lv1 ? SP, 120% ATK, 1 hit (120% total?), 0.8s delay
lv2 ? SP, 140% ATK, 1 hit (140% total?), 0.8s delay
lv3 ? SP, 160% ATK, 2 hits (320% total?), 0.8s delay
lv4 ? SP, 180% ATK, 2 hits (360% total?), 0.8s delay
lv5 ? SP, 200% ATK, 3 hits (600% total?), 0.8s delay
lv6 ? SP, 220% ATK, 3 hits (660% total?), 1.0s delay
lv7 ? SP, 240% ATK, 4 hits (960% total?), 1.0s delay
lv8 ? SP, 260% ATK, 4 hits (1040% total?), 1.0s delay
lv9 ? SP, 280% ATK, 5 hits (1400% total?), 1.0s delay
lv10 ? SP, 300% ATK, 5 hits (1500% total?), 1.0s delay
Requirements: Iron Fist 5, Spirit Sphere 5, Tiger Knuckle Fist 2
Required for: none
Recommended: I ~assume~ those total values for damage are correct, though I did not see them written anywhere it makes little sense for an ultimate move like this to do 300% damage in total. If these values are correct, then clearly the odd-numbered skill levels provide the largest improvement in damage.

The combo combinations that are available to a Champion are:
Triple -> Quad
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Asura
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Tiger
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Tiger -> Asura
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Crush
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Crush -> Asura
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Tiger -> Crush
Triple -> Quad -> Dragon -> Tiger -> Crush -> Asura

Soul Collect
Active, 20 SP, 1s cast time
THIS IS A CHAMPION-LEVEL SKILL that will only be available to those Monks that reach level 99 and reset to become an advanced job. Generates all five spirit spheres with a single cast. Acolyte Maniax mentions a risk but there is not one implemented at this time.
lv1 20 SP, five spheres
Requirements: Summon Spirit Sphere 5, Spirit Sphere Absorption 1, Fury 5
Required for: none

Example Monk Builds

Originally I planned to show a single example build that could do anything reasonably well, and encourage readers to tweak to their own tastes. People are unsatisfied when a generic build is not specialized enough, but do not want to think of their own special build ~_~ so here we go. These are EXAMPLE BUILDS and by no means the only possibilities.

Pure Combo

With these stats a Monk should do well in any role but may not be as good as a more specialized build. This is not dependent on any equipment for stats, so she is free to change as needed. +STR headgear is not needed for example, and she can switch between Athletic Brooches and Safety Rings without losing any bonuses. As a Combo Monk with an eye to participate in PvP/WoE:

STR 92+8
AGI 79+6
VIT 34+6
INT 28+2
DEX 36+4
LUK 2+3 (leftover point for -1% crit shield D: )

5 Iron Fists
5 Summon Spirit Sphere
5 Occult Impaction
6 Flee
10 Raging Trifecta Blow
5 Raging Quadruple Blow
5 Raging Thrust
5 Mental Strength
3 Root


A very flashy attacker that is effective against both low-DEF and high-DEF enemies. When things get tough, activate Fury and watch the crits fly! Critical Monks are recommended to go "natural crit" (Kobold cards and high LUK, with standard high-damage weapons) over "gear crit" (Kobold and Soldier Skeleton cards) as Trifecta with a Critical weapon will be quite weak. Trifecta is checked for activation BEFORE critical hits. If you have Trifecta 10 (20% chance) and a crit rate of 50, only 40% of your attacks will be crits (half of the remaining 80%). This is not all bad since Trifecta also does well at getting past high VIT.

STR 80+8 (90 with Rosaries of Counter)
AGI 77+6
VIT 34+6
INT 16+2
DEX 26+4
LUK 55+3 (60 with Rosaries of Counter)

5 Iron Fists
5 Summon Spirit Sphere
1 Spirit Sphere Absorption
5 Fury
6 Flee
10 Raging Trifecta Blow (low chance of triple means more crits)
5 Raging Quadruple Blow
5 Raging Thrust
2 Root
5 Spiritual Cadence (SP regen while in critical status)


A versatile warrior that can take full advantage of nearly every attack skill available to Monks. Strong in PvM and flexible in WoE, this is a good levelling character with no compromises.

STR 86+8 (100 with Clips of Mustle (+20 SP) )
AGI 79+6
VIT 34+6
INT 30+2
DEX 46+4
LUK 1+3

5 Iron Fists
5 Summon Spirit Sphere
1 Spirit Sphere Absorption
3 Fury
5 Occult Impaction
5 Throw Spirit Sphere
1 Guillotine Fist
6 Flee
5 Raging Trifecta Blow (higher chance of triple to combo into Asura quickly)
5 Raging Quadruple Blow
5 Raging Thrust
3 points remaining

Pure Spirit

A WoE-oriented support Monk, built around blasting enemy fire support with Throw Spirit Sphere and using Occult Impaction to defend against frontline attackers. Using full SP equipment and a +10 Quadruple Bloody Mace, a 79k Asura should be possible -- not as much as a pure STR/INT Asura Striker but enough to take down anyone without a Ghostring card and more than a few that do wear it. This build has 120 STR and 87 DEX with Blessing, but an even more extreme PvP variant can aim for 110~120 DEX at the expense of STR and VIT.

STR 94+8 (110 with Rings of Mustle)
AGI 3+6
VIT 54+6
INT 30+2
DEX 73+4
LUK 7+3 (2% perfect dodge, minor crit shield and crit rate)

Can substitute Rings for Clips of Mustle with Picky armor and +STR headgear of choice.

2 Iron Fists
5 Summon Spirit Sphere
1 Spirit Sphere Absorption
5 Fury
5 Occult Impaction
5 Throw Spirit Sphere
5 Guillotine Fist
21 points remaining, free to add secondary Acolyte skills like Pneuma and Decrease Agility.


Another WoE-oriented build, but Snap's requirements from both spirit and physical Monk skills means that this one must be more of a scrapper. Using Snap to reach vulnerable enemies can put you far from helpful friends, so sacrificing cast speed for the sake of survival is a good idea:

STR 94+8 (110 with Rings of Mustle)
AGI 20+6 (lv5 Pear Petals required so may as well get -some- flee, and aspd doesn't hurt)
VIT 74+6
INT 18+2
DEX 56+4
LUK 1+3

As above, can substitute Rings for Clips of Mustle with Picky armor and +STR headgear of choice.

5 Iron Fists
5 Summon Spirit Sphere
1 Spirit Sphere Absorption
3 Fury
3 Occult Impaction
5 Throw Spirit Sphere
3 Guillotine Fist
5 Flee
5 Raging Trifecta Blow
3 Raging Quadruple Blow
3 Raging Thrust
3 Mental Strength
2 Root
2 Spiritual Cadence
1 Snap

Diamond Monk

A term borrowed from jRO and its name for Mental Strength, the extreme end of the VIT spectrum is a slow but unstoppable force. An excellent tank for PvM/MVP/PvP/WoE even before activating Mental Strength though she can not wear the heavy armor that Knights can. As you can not Heal yourself while in Mental Strength you will need potions (very effective with your VIT), a Priest, or preferably both. Once again no STR accessories are required. Accessories of Flash are ideal as Safety Rings do not contribute to DEF while Mental Strength is active.

STR 82+8
AGI 22+6
VIT 94+6
INT 28+2
DEX 36+4
LUK 2+3

5 Iron Fists
5 Summon Spirit Sphere
1 Spirit Sphere Absorption
5 Fury
5 Flee
10 Raging Trifecta Blow
3 Raging Quadruple Blow
3 Raging Thrust
5 Mental Strength
7 points remaining, could get spirit attack skills, Spiritual Relaxation, improve active combos or Iron Fist.


base ASPD 152.5 (base delay 47.5)
100% vs small, 75% vs medium, 50% vs large

Knuckles are effectively Monk-only weapons (Priests can equip them but have a base ASPD of 0, over four times slower than a Monk of equal AGI/DEX). Though their low ATK and poor size penalties mean that you will be doing less damage per hit, Knuckles are usually a better choice for normal attacks. The speed of combo skills does not depend on ASPD, but using Knuckles means less time between combos activating.

30 ATK Waghnak (lv1, 3/4 slots)
50 ATK Knuckle Duster (lv2, 2/3 slots)
65 ATK Studded Knuckle (lv2, 2/3 slots) Superior to Knuckle Duster in all respects.
86 ATK Claw (lv3, 1/2 slots, +2 STR)
97 ATK Finger (lv3, 1/2 slots)
115 ATK Fist (lv3, 0/1 slots)
100 ATK Kaiser (lv4, Wind element) 110 ATK, +5% damage vs Undead, +10% damage vs Fire/Water/Wind/Earth element
100 ATK Berserk (lv4, Increase attack speed [not implemented] ) +12% ASPD

Waghnak, Knuckle Duster, Studded Knuckles are sold by an NPC in St.Capitolina Abbey.
Claw, Finger, Fist are sold in Umbala.
Kaiser is supposed to be an Orc Lord drop, Berserk from Dark Lord.
Slotted versions of all Knuckles are not in the game until the Umbala update.
However, Acolytes that change to Monk at j50 receive one 3S Knuckle Duster.
4S Waghnak will be dropped by Papillon (gon_dun01, gon_dun02).

Note that Studded Knuckle is called Hora on other versions of Ragnarok.
You can still see the game's "internal" name by taking one to be upgraded.

base ASPD 142.5 (base delay 57.5)
75% vs small, 100% vs medium, 100% vs large

Monks can continue to use Mace-type weapons and should do so for carded weapons until they can be replaced with slotted Knuckles. Although Knuckles swing faster Maces do more damage per hit, especially against large targets. This can be very important when using skills like Manipulate Sphere and Asura Strike that multiply the attack strength of a single blow.

23 ATK Club (lv1, 3/4 slots)
37 ATK Mace (lv1, 3/4 slots) Superior to Club in all respects.
54 ATK Smasher (lv2, 2/3 slots)
69 ATK Flail (lv2, 2/3 slots)
84 ATK Chain (lv2, 2/3 slots) Superior to Smasher and Flail in all respects.
110 ATK Morning Star (lv3, 1/2 slots)
130 ATK Swordmace (lv3, 0/1 slots)
140 ATK Stunner (lv3, 10% chance to stun)
70 ATK Spike (lv4, +40% critical) 85 ATK, user DEF reduced by 1/3
115 ATK Spanner (lv3, chance of stun/blind/freeze/poison)
130 ATK Golden Mace (lv4, Can't be damaged) slot, +10% damage vs Undead
135 ATK Long Mace (lv4, Extra range as spear) -10% damage from ranged attacks
145 ATK Slash (lv4, unimplemented chance of coma) +15% damage vs Undead, +5% EXP from Undead, low chance of Coma vs Undead
155 ATK Iron Driver (L55+)
165 ATK Quadrille (lv4, Can't be damaged?) +10% ATK vs Undead/Demihuman, +10% ATK vs Earth element
140 ATK Grand Cross (lv4, Holy element) enables lv3 Turn Undead, low chance of TU3 per attack, +1 SP per Undead strike, +3 SP per Undead kill

Swordmace and Stunner are sold in the southwest corner of Morroc.
All other basic Maces are sold in Prontera Sanctuary.
Slotted Club is dropped by Fabres.
Slotted Mace is dropped by Skeletons and Heaters.
Slotted Smasher is dropped by Hammer Goblins.
Slotted Flail is dropped by Flail Goblins and Kobold Leader.
Slotted Chain is dropped by Marine Spheres and Marionettes.
Slotted Morning Star is dropped by Owl Barons.
Slotted Swordmace is dropped by Dokkaebi.
Spanner is a Geffen 2 fort treasure.
Golden Mace is dropped by Gold Thief Bug.
Iron Driver is dropped by Turtle General and Lord of the Dead, and is a Prontera 5 fort treasure.
No other lv4 Maces are available yet.

base ASPD 142.5 (base delay 57.5)
100% vs small, 100% vs medium, 100% vs large

There is generally no reason for Monks to consider Staff weapons as the improved MATK does not affect any Monk skills. They are poor choices for combat, weaker than even Knuckles and no faster than Maces. A Mighty Staff is an interesting choice but the SP cost is more trouble than it would be for Magicians or support Acolytes.

15 ATK Rod (lv1, 3/4 slots, +15% MATK)
25 ATK Wand (lv2, 2/3 slots, +15% MATK, +1 INT)
40 ATK Staff (lv3, 2/3 slots, +15% MATK, +2 INT) Superior to Wand in all respects.
60 ATK Arc Wand (lv3, 1/2 slots, +15% MATK, +3 INT)
75 ATK Wand of Occult (lv3, +15% MATK, +3 INT)
40 ATK Bone Wand (lv3, Undead element, +15% MATK, +4 INT)
130 ATK Mighty Staff (lv3, +15% MATK, +10 STR, -2 SP per attack)

Slotted Rod is dropped by Drops.
Slotted Wand is dropped by a Pecopeco, and possibly a Goblin? (unconfirmed)
Slotted Staff is dropped by Marduks.
Slotted Arc Wand is dropped by Bathories and Wind Ghosts.
Wand of Occult is dropped by Marduks.
Bone Wand is dropped by Evil Druids, Wind Ghosts, and Dark Lord.
Mighty Staff is dropped by Dokkaebi.

Weapon Cards

Here and below, creatures marked with * are not yet in iRO although the card may be available through ex. Old Card Albums.

Hydra (Bloody Weapon) +20% vs Demihuman. Useful in PvP and throughout the game.
Goblin (Clamorous Weapon) +20% vs Brute. Another weapon of good utility.
Caramel (Insecticide Weapon) +20% vs Insect. Fewer bugs than animals but still fairly good.
Pecopeco Egg (Beholder Weapon) +20% vs Formless. Many Neutral monsters are of this non-race.
Strouf (Decussate Weapon) +20% vs Demon. Many high-level monsters are Demons.
Scorpion King* (Divine Weapon) +20% vs Undead. Best choice for Undead 1 which do not burn well.
Flora (Fisher Weapon) +20% vs Fish. See combination cards below.
Scorpion (Chemical Weapon) +20% vs Plant. Very few high-level Plants, but useful to an Acolyte.
Earth Petite (Dragoon Weapon) +20% vs Dragon. Too few Dragons in game to be valuable.

There is no card for +20% vs Angel race. The four Angel monsters in game as of Juno are all Holy element -- use Damned.

Vadon (Flammable Weapon) +20% vs Fire element. Generally inferior to forged Ice weapons.
Drainliar (Saharic Weapon) +20% vs Water element. Generally inferior to forged Wind weapons.
Mandragora (Windy Weapon) +20% vs Wind element. Generally inferior to forged Earth weapons.
Kaho* (Underground Weapon) +20% vs Earth element. Generally inferior to forged Fire weapons.
Orc Skeleton (Damned Weapon) +20% vs Holy element. Very very few Holy monsters in game.
Santa Poring (Hallowed Weapon) +20% vs Shadow element. Many of these "Dark" monsters though.
Anacondaq (Envenom Weapon) +20% vs Poison element.

There are no cards for +20% vs Neutral, Sense, and Undead elements. Most Undead element are also Undead race, so Scorpion King cards will work. Elemental Fire weapons also do fairly well against Undead element. +20% vs Sense makes no sense, without Aspersio or other elemental enchantments the weapon would still be ineffective. Many monsters (and almost all players!) are Neutral however, and so you must use the right cards for their race instead.

You could have Blacksmith-forged weapons of the four 'natural' elements, a Hallowed weapon, and an Envenom weapon. This would be effective against almost any monster in the game by using Fire for Undead and any elemental weapon for Sense. Six weapons for 90~95% of the monsters in the game is a relatively cheap and simple solution.

Using carded weapons for the different monster races instead allows you to be effective against anything. It also lets you match weapons with bucklers which provide damage reduction by race. However the strongest elemental weapons outperform carded weapons (ex. Ice Swordmace vs Triple Flammable Chain). You will probably want a Fire weapon for Sense and Undead anyway. Asura Strike stacks with cards but not elemental modifiers, so getting weapons by race makes sure that your Asura will be at its maximum potential. Carded weapons can also be combined for great effect with Assassin's Enchant Poison, Priest's Aspersio, and Sage's Endow skills, if you have friends that can make use of them.

Sometimes all monsters on a particular map may all be one or two elements but different races (Bibalan 4F has Water/Fish, Water/Demihuman, and Water/Plant) and some have same race but different elements (Kobolds are all demihuman, but each kind is a different element). Therefore you may eventually find yourself getting a mix of element and race weapons. As long as you can afford to do this, there is nothing wrong with having what you find most convenient based on the maps you play on.

It is possible to combine race+element cards to create even more specialized but stronger weapons. The most common example of this is a Double Fisher Double Saharic Mace. Many Water monsters are Fish, and almost all Fish are Water. Versus Water/Fish this weapon does 196% damage (1.4 x 1.4). Combined with Sage's Endow Tornado, it can be even more dangerous. However it will only do 140% to Water/Brute or Poison/Fish, for example. You would need dozens of these weapons for every race/element combination but it is not a bad idea to have one or two for favorite levelling grounds, if you have the STR to benefit from the high multiplier.

Desert Wolf (Gigantic Weapon) +5 damage. +15% vs Small size.
Skeleton Worker (Boned Weapon) +5 damage. +15% vs Medium size.
Minorous (Titan Weapon) +5 damage. +15% vs Large size.

It may be a while before you have a strong weapon for every occasion. These weapons are slightly weaker but affect a wider variety of monsters. Just having three weapons filled with these cards would make you effective against anything in the game... but not quite as effective as the more specialized cards above. Even more general, a Gigantic Boned Titan Chain would be +15 damage +15% damage on any monster. If you dislike juggling weapons every time you change targets, having a general purpose weapon is a good idea.

Andre (Hurricane Weapon) +20 damage.
Wolf (Wolverine Weapon) +15 damage, +1 critical rate.
Skeleton (Keen Weapon) +10 damage, base 2% chance of Stun.
Golem (Solid Weapon) +5 damage, weapon can not be damaged.

Even more general-use effects. A Triple Hurricane Chain is a decent weapon in any situation and is superior to +20% cards with low STR.

Mummy (Ancient Weapon) +20 accuracy.
Phreeoni [MVP] (Perfect Weapon) +100 accuracy.
Soldier Skeleton (Critical Weapon) +9 critical rate. If you can't hit, crit ^^

Hornet (Martyr Weapon) +1 STR, +3 damage.
Female Thief Bug (Shrewd Weapon) +1 AGI, +1 flee.
Fabre (Vital Weapon) +1 VIT, +100 HP.
Andre Larva* (Smart Weapon) +1 INT, +10 SP.
Drops (Dexterous Weapon) +1 DEX, +3 accuracy.
Lunatic (Lucky Weapon) +1 LUK, +1 critical rate, +1 perfect dodge.

The stat-raising cards have been given small improvements with Juno update but are mostly of use for lower-level characters.

Zenorc (Venomer's Weapon) +10 damage, base 4% chance of Poison.
Snake (Untouchable Weapon) +5 damage, base 5% chance of Poison.
Metaller (Silence Weapon) +5 damage, base 5% chance of Silence.
Savage Bebe (Stun Weapon) Base 5% chance of Stun.
Farmiliar (Blink Weapon) Base 5% chance of Blind.
Plankton (Drowsy Weapon) +5 damage, base 5% chance of Sleep.
Marina (Ice Weapon) +5 damage, base 5% chance of Freeze. Do not confuse with smith-forged Ice weapons!
Magnolia (Cursing Weapon) +5 damage, base 5% chance of Curse.
Requiem (Chaos Weapon) Base 5% chance of Chaos [not implemented yet].

Status effects are specialized use, it is usually better to do more damage and kill things faster.

Hunter Fly (Malicious Weapon) 3% chance to drain 15% of damage inflicted as HP.
Dracula* [MVP] (Spiritual Weapon) 10% chance to drain 5% of damage inflicted as SP.
Archer Skeleton (Kingbird Weapon) +20% vs flying monsters [not implemented yet].
Abysmal Knight (Liberation Weapon) +25% vs boss monsters.
Baphomet [MVP] (Scythelike Weapon) Splash damage, -10 accuracy.
Deviace (Aqua Weapon) +7% vs Demihuman, Brute, Plant, Insect.
Doppelganger [MVP] (Weapon of Berserk) Increase attack speed [not implemented yet].
Drake [MVP] (Weapon of Infinity) Cancels weapon size penalties.
Sidewinder (Hybrid Weapon) Enables lv1 Double Attack (5% chance, does not stack).

The most common choice for carded weapons is the Chain as it offers the best combination of damage and card slots. For some situations the card's effect is more important than damage and the four-slot Mace is a better choice.

The best choice for +20% damage cards depends on many factors, but mostly on STR. Weaker weapons with low ATK have more slots and can greatly increase your attack power.

* For a critical build maximum damage is more important than average per hit and so the fewer-slot higher-ATK weapons are efficient to higher STR.
* A high-DEX build can not take advantage of their improved minimum damage if DEX exceeds the weapon's ATK, so the Mace loses efficiency against stronger maces above 37 DEX.
* The following numbers are for weapons upgraded to the safety limit for their level. Over-upgrading will not affect these values much unless a weapon is significantly over its limit, so of course a +8 Morning Star would not fare so poorly against a +8 Mace at high STR.
* Higher level weapons tend to do better against higher DEF targets because more of their damage is from upgrades which bypass DEF.
* Lower level weapons tend to do better when a size penalty is involved (Small-size targets for Mace weapons) because size penalty only affects damage from the weapon's ATK and in those cases most damage originates from STR and cards.

As a general rule, for slotted maces:
50- STR: Double Morning Star
60~90 STR: Triple Chain
100+ STR: Quadruple Mace

Note that although the Mace becomes more efficient than a Chain, this does NOT mean that the Chain is suddenly terrible at 100 STR! The difference is a few points of damage at most. However at 110 STR it is a few more... and at 120 STR even more. If you are planning on very high STR it may be a good idea to make Quadruple Maces earlier. They won't be bad weapons at 80 STR either. Chain may be more efficient for damage at that point, but it's not very efficient to make a weapon and then want to replace with another when you add a few more STR.

For slotted knuckles, with Iron Fist 5:
60- STR: Double Finger (50- with IF10)
70~80 STR: Triple Hora (60~80 with IF10)
90+ STR: Quadruple Waghnak

As mentioned, before the Umbala update knuckle choices are extremely limited.
Triple Waghnak beats a Double Hora at 80+ STR with IF5, 70+ with IF10.
The 3S Knuckle Duster a j50 Acolyte receives is of course the best possible choice, but you will only have one so choose its cards wisely!

Elemental weapons are another matter. If you were lucky enough to have one or more elemental Chains or even Swordmaces as an Acolyte then you can continue to use them as Monk, but you should try to get a set of elemental Knuckles to aid levelling as soon as possible. There is no advantage to weaker elemental weapons unless they can be sold or made for cheaper. However with the weapon sprite update, some weapons may be more desirable for appearance. has pictures of the six Knuckle types (Finger comes before Claw but otherwise in order of increasing attack strength). As you can see Fist is the strongest but ugliest -_-

Fire and Ice weapons are the most popular because of the wide variety of monsters they work well against. Wind was most popular in previous updates for its extra damage, but even with episode 4.0's additions there are few high-level Water monsters. Earth weapons are fairly specialized as many Wind monsters have high flee and require Ancient weapons to be effective instead.

Level 4 ("rare") weapons may also be considered if you are fortunate enough. A large update on kRO revised the lv4 weapons, making many of them stronger and adding more variety. The stats in italics are the correct ones after the changes. This was during Amatsu update in mid-November 2003, a few months after Monks were introduced, so iRO may not see it until July or August 2004.

Unfortunately even after update the lv4 Knuckles are not that great. Kaiser is ~very~ slightly better than a Wind Fist for Water monsters and not worth using over Fire Ice and Earth Fists against the other elements. Berserk is more interesting, but what amounts to 12% more damage just isn't as effective as a weaker knuckle with appropriate cards. It should make a decent all-around weapon but probably not as valuable as I am sure people will try to sell it for -.-;

The lv4 Maces generally do better. Spike and Grand Cross are obvious favorites but Monks may have to battle with Priests and Blacksmiths for rare Maces. Grand Cross is supposed to be Aco/Priest/Monk only? We will see when they are available.


6 DEF Spikey Band (L50+)
5 DEF Corsair (+1 VIT)
5 DEF Monk Hat (3 MDEF) Cannot be upgraded by Smiths.
5 DEF Munak Hat (top/mid/low, -10% from Undead race) Cannot be upgraded but still good for Undead.
4 DEF Biretta (slot) Cannot be upgraded by Smiths.
4 DEF Mine Hat (+2 DEX, L55+)
4 DEF Solar God Helm (top/mid, +3 STR, +2 INT, second job only)
3 DEF Circlet (3 MDEF, slot) Cannot be upgraded by Smiths.
3 DEF Grand Circlet (4 MDEF, +1 STR, +1 INT, +1 LUK, L55+)
3 DEF Kapra Hairband (5 MDEF)
3 DEF Magician Hat (+1 AGI, +1 DEX, +50 SP, L50+) Cannot be upgraded by Smiths.
3 DEF Sakkat (+1 AGI)
2 DEF Angel Wing (3 MDEF, +1 AGI, +1 LUK, -3% from Demon race)

Spikey Band is a Doppleganger drop.
Corsair is a Drake drop (alternate: Golden Gear from Golden Thief Bug).
Monk Hat is a Cruiser drop.
Munak Hat is a Munak drop.
Slotted Biretta is an Evil Druid drop.
Mine Hat is a quest item.
Solar God Helm is a quest item and is an Aldebaran 2 fort treasure.
Slotted Circlet is an Isis drop.
Grand Circlet is an Orc Lord drop (alternate: Evil Wings from Deviruchi/Mini Demon).
Kapra Hairband is only found in Old Violet Boxes.
Magician Hat is a quest item and is an Owl Duke and Owl Baron drop.
Sakkat is a quest item.
Angel Wing is an Angeling drop.

Headgear Cards

Willow (Wise Headgear) +80 SP. This means damage for Asura Strikers.
Elder Willow (Erudite Headgear) +2 INT.
Deviruchi (Adurate Headgear) +1 STR, immune to Blind.
Nightmare (Insomniac Headgear) +1 AGI, immune to Sleep.
Ghoul (Viper's Headgear) +1 DEF, -20% from Poison element (currently not effective?)

This is not a complete card list as for weapons, just the most likely choices for Monk characters.

There is also more variety for headgear than other armor because it is also a way to customize your appearance. Use what looks good! /ok

Note that Blacksmiths can not use their improved over-upgrade success rate on headgear that they can not equip. You should always use a smith to upgrade anything they can equip, either your other character or a friend's. The best slotted headgear that both Smith and Monk can wear is the Turban with 3 DEF.


7 DEF Glittering Jacket (5 MDEF, 3% blind per hit, L60+) Cannot be upgraded by Smiths.
7 DEF Holy Robe (5 MDEF -10% from Shadow element, -15% from Demon race, L60+)
6 DEF Saint's Robe (5 MDEF, slot) Primary choice.
3 DEF Silk Robe (10 MDEF, slot) Secondary choice for MDEF or to share with more characters.
0 DEF Wedding Dress (15 MDEF, female only (not implemented) )

Glittering Jacket is not in game yet (Dropped by Anubis?)
Holy Robe is a Geffen 3 fort treasure.
Slotted Saint's Robe is dropped by Obeaunes.
Slotted Silk Robe is dropped by Creamies.
Wedding Dress is sold in Prontera's wedding store.

Armor Cards

Pecopeco (Armor of Ares) +10% HP. Better than Pupa above 7000 HP (37 VIT at 99/50, earlier with high VIT or +HP cards)
Pupa (Hard Armor) +700 HP.
Roda Frog (Armor of Champion) +400 HP, +50 SP. SP makes this a better choice for Asura.
Steel Chonchon (Armor of Heman) +2 DEF, -10% from Wind element. Good all-around protection.
Picky (Extra Armor) +1 STR, +10 ATK.
Thief Bug (Speedy Armor) +1 AGI.
Marc (Unfrozen Armor) Cannot be frozen, -5% from Water element. PvP-wear only.

Dokkaebi (Armor of Zephyrus) +1 DEF, Wind 1 element. Primary PvP magic resistance wear.
Pasana (Armor of Ifrit) +1 DEF, Fire 1 element.
Sandman (Armor of Gnome) +1 DEF, Earth 1 element.
Swordfish (Aqua Armor) +1 DEF, Water 1 element. Secondary PvP choice, but beware LoV/JT!
Argiope (Poisoning Armor) +1 DEF, Poison 1 element.
Evil Druid (Deadly Armor) +1 DEF, +1 INT, Undead 1 element.
Bathory (Evil Armor) Shadow 1 element.
Angeling (Holy Armor) Holy 1 element.
Ghostring (Ghost Armor) Sense 1 element, -25% HP regen (not implemented?)


4 DEF Buckler (slot)

Slotted Buckler is dropped by Goblins and Kobolds and is a guild fort treasure.

Shield Cards

Ambernite (Shield of Athena) +2 DEF. A good general purpose choice.
Andre Egg (Excellent Shield) +5% HP. Better than TBE if you have more than 8000 HP.
Thief Bug Egg (Rigid Shield) +400 HP.
Horn (Heavy Shield) -35% from ranged attacks.
Thara Frog (Cranial Shield) -30% from Demihuman race. PvP and general levelling.
Orc Worrier/Warrier (Brutal Shield) -30% from Brute race. Another very useful choice.
Bigfoot (Shield of Gargantua) -30% from Insect race. Medium usefulness.
Rafflesia* (Homer's Shield) -30% from Fish race. Medium usefulness.
Soldier Andre* (Cady's Shield) -30% from Plant race. Less useful due to lack of strong Plants.
Sky Petite (Shield of Dragoon) -30% from Dragon race. Not so useful due to lack of Dragons.
Anubis* (Satanic Shield) -30% from Angel race. Also extremely limited use.
Khalitzburg (Shield from Hell) -30% from Demon race. Very useful but very rare.
Medusa* (Plasterous Shield) -15% from Demon race, immune to Stone Curse.

Note that there is no damage reduction available for Formless and Undead races.


2 DEF Muffler (slot)
1 DEF Ragamuffin Manteau (10 MDEF)

Slotted Muffler is dropped by Sohee and is a guild fort treasure.
Ragamuffin Manteau is dropped by Evil Druids and is a Payon 1 fort treasure.

Robe Cards

Reydric (Immune Robe) -20% damage from Neutral element. For VIT Monks.
Whisper (Mocking Robe) +20 flee, +50% damage from Sense element. For AGI Monks.
Condor (Quick Robe) +10 flee. Very good for those on a budget and no Sense weakness.
Baphomet Jr (Robe of Rogue) +3 AGI, +1 Critical. Minor offense aid but weak defense.

Dustiness (Robe of Warmth) -30% damage from Wind element, +5 flee.
Jakk (Flameguard Robe) -30% damage from Fire element, +5 flee.
Hode (Glorious Robe) -30% damage from Earth element, +5 flee.
Marse (Genie's Robe) -30% damage from Water element, +5 flee.
Marionette (Robe of Ghost) -30% damage from Sense element, +5 flee.
Myst (Innoxious Robe) -30% damage from Poison element, +5 flee.
Orc Zombie (Angelic Robe) -30% damage from Undead element, +5 flee.
Isis (Divine Robe) -30% from Shadow element, +5 flee.

In normal situations you should never need to switch from Immune/Mocking.
Elemental resistance robes are best saved for PvP or against skill-using MVPs.
Complement your armor's strength (Dokkaebi/Dustiness) for near-immunity, or offset your armor's weakness (Angeling/Orc Zombie, Ghostring/Marionette).
Note that there is no damage reduction available for Holy element.


3 DEF Shackles - very heavy! Only for extreme DEF. A slot is usually much more useful.
2 DEF High Heels (5 MDEF)
2 DEF Shoes (slot)
0 DEF Crystal Pumps (10 MDEF, +5 LUK, female only (not implemented) )

Shackles are dropped by Skel Prisoners and Zombie Prisoners.
High Heels are dropped by Bathories.
Slotted Shoes are dropped by Munak and are a guild fort treasure.
Crystal Pumps are dropped by Marionettes and are a Prontera 1 treasure.

Footgear Cards

Chonchon (Light Footgear) +1 AGI, +2 flee. 3 flee total for dodge freaks.
Male Thief Bug (Footgear of Hermes) +2 AGI.
Matyr (Green Footgear) +1 AGI, +10% HP.
Verit (Fledged Footgear) +8% HP, +8% SP. Good overall choice.
Sohee (Soul-Enchanted Footgear) +15% SP, +3% SP regen. SP + Asura = damage.
Eggyra (Footgear of Witch) +15% SP regen.


2 STR Ring (L20+)
1 STR Ring, Ancient (slot, L90+)
2 AGI Brooch (L20+)
1 AGI Brooch, Ancient (slot, L90+)
2 VIT Necklace (L20+)
1 VIT Necklace, Ancient (slot, L90+)
2 INT Earring (L20+)
1 INT Earring, Ancient (slot, L90+)
2 DEX Glove (L20+)
1 DEX Glove, Ancient (slot, L90+)
2 LUK Rosary (5 MDEF, L20+)
1 LUK Rosary, Ancient (3 MDEF, slot, L90+)
3 DEF Safety Ring (3 MDEF, level req?)
1 DEF Celebrant's Mitten (1 INT, L35+)
1 DEF Matyr's Leash (1 AGI, L35+)
0 DEF Critical Ring (+5 crit, L40+)
0 DEF Clip (slot, +10 SP, L20+) Basic slotted accessory until level 90.

Ring is dropped by Vagabond Wolf but a Clip with Mantis or even Tarou Card is better.
Brooch is dropped by Marionettes but a Clip with Kukre Card is better.
Necklace is dropped by Isis but a Clip with a Spore Card is better.
Earring is dropped by Anubis and Orc Ladies.
Glove is dropped by Mummies but a Clip with Zerom or even Wormtail Card is better.
Rosary is sold in Prontera Sanctuary.
Ancient Ring is dropped by Stormy Knight, Dracula, Lord of Death, Incubus, Mobster, and is a Payon 1 fort treasure.
Ancient Brooch is dropped by Anolians and is a Payon 5 fort treasure.
Ancient Necklace is an Aldebaran 5 fort treasure.
Ancient Earring is dropped by Zealotous and is an Aldebaran 4 fort treasure.
Ancient Glove is dropped by Lord of Death, Ancient Mummy, Stings, and is a Payon 3 fort treasure.
Ancient Rosary is dropped by Nightmare Terrors and Mimics, and is a Geffen 3 fort treasure.
Safety Ring is dropped by Maya and is a Payon 4 fort treasure.
Celebrant's Mitten is dropped by Marduks.
Matyr's Leash is dropped by Matyrs.
Critical Ring is an Aldebaran 4 fort treasure.
Clip is dropped by Alarms.

Accessory Cards

Mantis (Accessory of Mustle) +3 STR. Primary offense choice to help reach a higher STR bonus.
Kobold (Accessory of Counter) +1 STR, +4 Critical. Secondary offense choice.
Kukre (Athletic Accessory) +2 AGI. Slight offense (~1/3 ASPD) and defense (2 flee) boosts.
Yoyo (Accessory of Flash) +1 AGI, +5 perfect dodge. Primary defensive choice.
Zerom (Nimble Accessory) +3 DEX. Faster cast if you already have your STR bonus.


Becoming a Monk

The requirement for becoming a Monk is that you reach j40 as Acolyte. As mentioned j50 is strongly recommended for the extra skill points. At the time you wish to change you must travel to St. Capitolina Abbey (prt_monk map) located East, North, East, East from Prontera. The Monk quest is not too difficult compared to many of the other ones.

1. First you must talk to Tohobu the Guarding Monk near the entrance of the map (59,247), and state your desire to become a Monk. He will send you to speak with sensei Moohae.

2. Moohae is located in the back of the monastery, in the southeast corner of the map (245,140). He will send you on a item-collecting quest. The possible items to find are:
* 5 Jellopies, 10 Worm Peelings, 30 Stems
* 5 Sticky Mucus, 10 Earthworm Peelings, 20 Green Herbs
* 5 Zargon, 5 Solid Shells, 20 Shells
* 5 Bear Footskins, 10 Tooth of Bats, 20 Poison Spores
* 5 Porcupine Quills, 10 Bug Legs, 20 Cobwebs
* 5 Cyfars, 10 White Herbs, 10 Yellow Herbs
* 3 Blue Herbs, 5 Iron Ores, 20 Yoyo Tails
Find the items he asks and return them to him. He will send you to speak with Touha in the cemetary.

3. Touha (251,255) teaches you a prayer to recite back piece by piece. The following possibilities have been recorded:

And shepherds we shall be,
For thee my lord for thee.
Power hath descended forth from the hand
So our feet may swiftly carry out thy command.
And we shall flow a river forth to thee
And teeming with souls shall it ever be
In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.


I seek the path of enlightenment
We monks shall hold true to what we believe
And will help protect others
Through the teachings we learn through our lives
In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

This was probably the most difficult part of the quest for me, I imagine that it is fairly simple for native English speakers. If you encounter a different poem and have trouble, do as I did and screenshot each line.

4. Next you must visit Boohae, not Moohae, in the southwest corner of the map (57,179). Talk to him and select a task, marathon running or mushroom gathering. From there find the central building and speak to the Door Keeper (199,169) and then go inside and speak to Bashu. You can change your choice of mission now and can abort halfway to change to the other mission later if you desire.

Mushrooms: Hyunmoo the gardener (225,180) requires mushrooms and you must find them for him. This is similar to the Thief quest, except the enemies are non-aggro Thief Bugs and you must collect 90 points of mushrooms. Gooey are worth 1 point and Net are worth 3 points. It is possible to have a Novice collect 90 points worth from the Thief quest, but if you have not done this in advance then a Monk with higher ASPD and Increase Agility should be able to collect the mushrooms much more quickly than a Novice. Speak with Hyunmoo when you have found enough and you will be warped back to the central building.

Marathon: No personal experience yet. Similar to the Swordsman test where you must be mindful of where you walk, but much longer.

5. Go back inside the central building past Bashu and go downstairs to speak with Tomoon. The final test is a maze with invisible walls. At some points handfuls of Zombies will spawn all around you; near the end it is a handful of Mummies which could be a great threat to lower level Acolytes. I can not offer a map (I suspect the three Proctors lead to three different mazes, which I will test next time), but my advice is to use the cursor to see where it is possible to walk, and to trace a route to run in advance. If you can get by the Mummies quickly they will die when you reach the exit.

6. Speak with Tomoon again and drink the Green Potion he gives you. If you were carrying other Green Potions, you may have to drink them all -- better not to be carrying any when you begin the quest. Return to sensei Moohae who will give you oaths to swear. Do so and you will become a Monk! If you were a j50 Acolyte, you will now be presented with your precious 3S Knuckle Duster. Otherwise you will receive a 3S Waghnak.


Monks can level quickly compared to other melee jobs as they are a good combination of offense and defense.

AGI Monks can have a flee rating higher than most other jobs. Only Thief and Archer jobs can compare, and only Rogue typically makes use of shields and -30% damage cards. AGI leveling areas should be determined by what they can dodge 95%. The early Acolyte levels are difficult for an AGI-based build when you can not dodge anything effectively, so you may need to just grind away and burn zeny on potions. Even if you are lucky enough to be gifted with a Mocking Muffler from another character it will be difficult to reach that 95% until your base level is in the 40s or 50s, depending on how much you concentrate on raising AGI.

Speaking of Mocking Mufflers, obtaining a Whisper card to use is an AGI Monk's highest priority. Saving up for one may take a long time, even if you have a Merchant character to aid in making money. However the alternative is worse, hunting Whispers for the card is very dangerous for an Acolyte. They require 169 flee and an elemental weapon, and are often found with stronger monsters. You will need a party patient enough to hunt until a card drops, or wait until you are strong enough to solo a Whisper map as Monk... or save up and buy one to make the road to Monk easier. A Condor card is an acceptable budget alternative, and if you are really desperate most of the elemental resistance garments are +5 flee, but keep saving for that Whisper! 20 flee makes a dramatic difference in the monsters you can fight safely and the rate you can earn experience.

VIT Monks have more work to do. In the early levels high VIT with Angelus can take damage down to 1, but VIT melee characters gain experience more slowly because of their lower ASPD and overall damage output. They are best in areas where their DEF+VIT reduces damage taken to a negligible amount, so the ideal targets are monsters with relatively low ATK for their experience value. Unfortunately Acolyte jobs are restricted to lighter armor than most other jobs (no Chain Mail, Manteau, Boots), but at least once you are through the Acolyte stage a Monk can kill more quickly than other VIT characters.

VIT Monks should concentrate on upgraded armor. Get anything you can to +4 (even if store-bought Biretta, Buckler, Saint's, Shoes, Muffler) before worrying about anything else. Keep an eye on Elunium prices and buy the low-priced ones to upgrade -- if you see cheap upgraded equipment get that too! Upgrades only add 2/3% damage reduction per + compared to 1% per point of DEF from armor. Even so these first 20 +s really help you survive tougher fights. As you continue to upgrade your armor and add VIT more levelling options will become available.

Payon Dungeon 1F is excellent for any Acolyte that maxes DP/DB early, as well as Peco/Snake maps east of Morroc. Later you can try massacring Poison Spores in Geffen Dungeon 1F (118 flee needed, 89~101 ATK) or tackle stronger undead in Orc Dungeon 1F. Drainliars are a fantastic source of experience for VIT Acolytes (74~84 ATK) if you can find a map with them, Coal Mine 1F is good until Gon-Ryun spawn changes.

Until the Gon-ryun spawn changes, good maps for soloing high-level AGI characters include:

tur_dun01 (Turtle Island surface): 210 flee, Earth/Fire/Clamorous, Brutal/Gargantua.
cmd_fild02 (Seal beach): 207 flee, Wind/Earth, Brutal.
cmd_fild03 (Otter beach): 216 flee, Wind, Brutal, Aqua.
gld_dun03 (Prontera Guild Dungeon): 208 flee, Earth/Fire, Brutal/Gargantua. Beware Maya and mini-Maya.
c_tower3, c_tower4 (Clock Tower 3F-4F): 218 flee, Beholder. Avoid Ridewords/Executioner/Abysmal Knight on 4F.
alde_dun02, gef_fild14 (Clock Tower B2F, West Orc Village): 209 flee, Ice, Cranial. 249 flee without Pneuma for Orc Archers.
gl_prison (Prison 1F): 203 flee, Fire/Ice/Earth, Gargantua.
orcsdun02 (Orc Dungeon 2F): 182 flee, Hallowed/Fire, Cranial. Beware Orc Lord and occasional Orc Archer.
in_sphinx02, in_sphinx03 (Sphinx 2-3F): 193 flee, Ice/Hallowed, Cranial/Brutal. (Bloody/Clamorous/Ice also works D: )
moc_pryd04 (Pyramid 4F): 190 flee, Fire/Hallowed, Brutal. Beware Osiris, Mimics.
moc_pryd05 (Pyramid B2F): 179 flee, Ice/Fire, Brutal, Ifrit. Fighting Minorous requires a lot of dancing!
xmas_dun02 (Toy Factory 2F): 161 flee, Beholder. 200 flee without Pneuma for Cruisers. Beware Stormy Knight.
gef_dun02 (Geffenia 3F): 188 flee, Ice/Envenom/Bloody, Hell/Cranial/Gargantua. Beware Doppleganger.

This is hardly a complete list, and your particular character may do well elsewhere.

As for VIT Monks, I don't know yet ^^ Mine is about 65 on Sakray and I was doing best in Pyramid 2F. High Orcs are easily the most popular solo VIT map for any job but perhaps some other possibilities will be revealed for Monks...


Most boss monsters have very high DEF+VIT, very high flee, or both. This means that even with the strongest possible weapon combo attacks will do very little damage, and it gets even worse if you must use Ancient weapons. Monks built for TSS may have the high DEX needed but still have considerable cast time between attacks and will not do much damage against an MVP's strong defense. Against the low-defense bosses, a Monk may be able to solo but will never be able to compete for MVP award against DEX Hunters or battle Smiths, both of which do damage much more quickly and have less need for Ancient weapons.

So how does a Monk compete? We have two skills that break the rules a bit: Occult Impaction and Guillotine Fist. Occult always hits, and does more damage against high DEF+VIT when the other jobs grow weaker. Guillotine always(?) hits, and ignores DEF+VIT completely. These skills both have cast times and use your spheres which must also be re-cast, so high DEX is very important for an MVPing Monk. High STR is of course needed for damage, and INT for a strong Guillotine or if you want to Occult without running out of SP. SP-restoring items may be needed if your SP regen can not handle a steady stream of Occults, and they are necessary for getting a second Guillotine quickly if one strike will not finish the job which is almost always the case. You will also want VIT so that you survive, since dead players collect no awards! Therefore, a VIT Monk that only has to concentrate on four stats (STR/DEX/VIT/INT) will be a stronger MVPer than an AGI Monk with five (STR/AGI/DEX/VIT/INT).

MVPing with either skill will require a Chain or Mace with appropriate damage cards. You will also want a Buckler with damage reduction if one is available. A Phen accessory is a good idea for Guillotine Fist users.

If you are part of a boss-hunting party and are not worried about being the MVP yourself, Monks have a third skill for bosses that can be very useful in a party. That is of course Mental Strength. With MS active you may be able to tank a boss and its entire mob with minimal damage. Getting the full lv5 MS is a very good idea if you plan to do this! Many bosses do not die quickly, and if MS duration expires while you are being attacked, you may not survive long enough to resummon spheres and recast MS!

MVP Size Property Race Req.Flee/Hit HP DEF MDEF ATK

Baphomet Large Shadow 3 Demon 276 253 668000 35+96 45+85 3220~4040
Black Snake Lord* Large Sense 3 Brute 312 176 254993 25+62 55+80 1433~2023
Dark Lord Large Undead 4 Demon 254 220 360000 30+64 70+118 2800~3320
Doppleganger Medium Shadow 3 Demon 272 182 249000 60+90 35+35 1340~1590
Dracula Large Shadow 4 Demon 245 200 320096 45+90 76+87 1625~1890
Drake Medium Undead 1 Undead 224 170 326666 20+49 35+75 1800~2100
Eddga Large Fire 1 Brute 230 155 152000 15+85 15+66 1215~1565
Gold Thief Bug Large Fire 2 Insect 224 159 126000 60+35 45+45 870~1145
Hatii Large Water 4 Brute 243 219 197000 40+82 45+65 1700~1900
Lord of the Dead Large Shadow 3 Demon 269 213 303383 77+120 73+109 2430~3232
Maya Large Earth 4 Insect 238 198 169000 60+76 25+95 1800~2070
Mistress Small Wind 4 Insect 219 259 212000 40+60 60+95 880~1110
Moonlight Flower Medium Fire 3 Demon 237 186 120000 10+55 55+82 1200~1700
Orc Hero Large Earth 2 Demihuman 257 188 295700 40+99 45+70 2257~2542
Orc Lord Large Earth 4 Demihuman 259 176 393000 40+149 5+70 2700~3150
Osiris Medium Undead 4 Undead 239 173 415400 10+62 25+37 780~2880
Pharaoh Large Shadow 3 Demihuman 257 206 445997 67+100 70+104 2267~3015
Phreeoni Large Neutral 3 Brute 274 174 188000 10+78 20+35 880~1530
Spirit Warrior* Large Shadow 3 Demihuman 296 176 218652 10+78 51+85 1219~2169
Stormy Knight Large Wind 4 Formless 282 282 240000 35+83 60+55 1425~1585
Turtle General Large Earth 2 Brute 277 162 320700 50+55 54+65 2438~3478Black Snake Lord and Spirit Warrior are the MVPs for Gon-Ryun and Amatsu dungeons and are not in iRO yet. They will probably have other names when we get them.

Once again Occult Impaction relies on as high DEF+VIT as possible to increase your damage and decrease competitors'. Occult-using Monks should be most competitive against LoD, Pharaoh, Doppleganger, and Orc Lord. Guillotine only depends on your own stats, but the best targets are those that are difficult for other jobs to damage due to DEF/MDEF/flee. Low HP MVPs are also good Guillotine targets because you can finish them off quickly -- if you can do more than half of their total HP in a single strike, you only really need to worry about other Guillotine Monks. If you want to fight an MVP with normal attacks and combos, only a few are easy enough to hit and damage. The best possibilities are Drake, Eddga, GTB, Moonlight, Osiris, Phreeoni, and Spirit Warrior, but if a combo Monk can do well then Hunters and Smiths can do better. Do not go expecting to win a competition, unless you have the MVP to yourself for a good length of time you can easily be outdamaged by other jobs.

Baphomet: Takes good damage from Occult (131%), so you may do well competing against Wizards and Smiths but must also worry about Hunters and ME Priests. Essential gear includes Buckler From Hell, Zephyrus armor, and at -least- one Priest to keep you alive.

Black Snake Lord: Sense 3 takes 0% from Neutral attacks, so Occult and Guillotine will miss. This one will be Hunter bait :/

Dark Lord: 94% damage from Occult, healbombing from a safer distance may work better ~_~ Guillotine should do well however. Armor of Ifrit or Aqua Armor will help resist his Meteor Storm but Aqua will make you vulnerable to his powerful Wind attack.

Doppleganger: Takes very good damage from Occult (150%). Get a Buckler From Hell and Bathory-carded armor to avoid his Shadow attack.

Dracula: 135% damage from Occult. May be one of the most worthwhile to hunt as Wizards and ME Priests will do very little damage.

Drake: Poor Occult damage (69%). Changes from Undead to Water element mid-battle. Until SK cards are available, your best weapon choice is Boned.

Eddga: Easiest MVP to hit and low DEF, therefore best target for combo Monks but also hunted by many other jobs. Occult does good damage (100%) but so does everything else, making competition fast and fierce.

Gold Thief Bug: Easy to hit but high DEF. Possible target for combo Monk. 95% damage from Occult. A single Guillotine should be enough to win victory in a competition.

Hatii: Not hunted too often. Good damage from Occult (122%) but in my experience this MVP belongs to JT Wizards.

Lord of the Dead: Excellent damage from Occult (197%). This boss is extremely difficult for other jobs to damage well. Your only competition is Assassins and falcon Hunters.

Maya: Very good damage from Occult (136%). Low HP means that when she is heavily camped, no single other competitor will have time to do as much damage as Guillotine.

Mistress: Good damage from Occult (100%) but you have her strong Heals to deal with. Most jobs can not kill her alone, she belongs to DEX Hunters and Assassins.

Moonlight Flower: Low DEF but not easy to hit for the average combo Monk. Poor damage from Occult (65%). Lowest HP of any MVP and dies quickly, so one Guillotine should secure the MVP award for you.

Orc Hero: Very good damage from Occult (139%).

Orc Lord: Excellent damage from Occult (189%), but also weak against magic.

Osiris: Poor damage from Occult (72%), plus his Quagmires will kill your casting speed.

Pharaoh: Very good damage from Occult (167%) and very difficult for anyone else to damage. Your only competition should be Assassins and falcon Hunters.

Phreeoni: Occult damage is fairly low (88%), but Neutral element means that Hunters can not take advantage of elemental arrows, and Smiths and other melee jobs can not use Endow slaves.

Spirit Warrior: Same DEF+VIT as Phreeoni, but Shadow 3 is bad news for Wizards and good news for Hunters and Smiths with a friend to Aspersio.

Stormy Knight: You won't dodge and your normal attacks won't hit -- even DEX Hunters need Ancient weapons to avoid missing. Occult does good damage (118%). Bring a Priest and Marc armor for the Storm Gusts.

Turtle General: Good damage from Occult (105%). Difficult to tank due to high ATK/Brandish/Water Ball. Bring a Brutal Buckler, Aqua armor, and a Priest.


Your PvP equipment should include Ancient and Bloody weapons and a Cranial Buckler. Use Bloody for characters that can't dodge well, Ancient if they can. A Double Ancient Double Bloody Mace is a good idea for those characters that have enough flee to dodge your Bloody and enough DEF/VIT to shrug off the Ancient.
Elemental armor and garments may be also useful to reduce damage from magic, depending on what you are attacked with.
An Immune garment is additional protection from physical threats like Blacksmiths and Assassins.
If you can stand to wear a Poo Hat it will provide even more protection for magic and crits x_x

Elemental armor's effects are as follows:
Wind 1 : -75% from Wind, -50% from Water, +50% from Earth. Excellent anti-Wizard wear.
Fire 1 : -75% from Fire, -50% from Earth, +50% from Water. (Can pass through Fire Wall?)
Earth 1 : -50% from Wind, +50% from Fire. No Earth resistance.
Water 1 : -75% from Water, -50% from Fire, +75% from Wind. Harder to freeze.
Poison 1 : -100% from Poison, -50% from Undead/Shadow.
Undead 1 : -100% from Poison/Undead/Shadow, +25% from Fire, +50% from Holy. Take damage from Heal/ME.
Shadow 1 : -100% from Undead/Shadow, -50% from Poison, -25% from Sense, +25% from Holy.
Holy 1 : -100% from Holy, -25% from Wind/Fire/Earth/Water/Poison/Sense, +25% from Shadow.
Sense 1 : -75% from Neutral (PvP modes only), +25% from Sense.

If combined with a resistance garment, the -30% is calculated separately from armor.
Dokkaebi would reduce a 1000-point Wind attack to 250, and Dustiness would reduce that to 175.

Because Neutral 1 element is -75% from Sense, using any elemental armor results in taking at least a 3X increase in damage taken (Holy, Shadow) and as much as 5X (Sense). This can be very dangerous if you are wearing a Mocking garment. If an enemy Wizard is using Soul Strike, be ready to remove your armor!

Do not overlook Acolyte skills. Your buffs and Heals may be needed if a support Priest is not available. Other skills like Ruwach and Decrease Agility have uses also.

However a Monk's main role should be attacking and that is what most of the Monk skills are for. Combo skills and TSS are better for enemies with weaker DEF while you will want to take advantage of Occult or Fury for tougher foes. Guillotine Fist may be the only way to eliminate those INT/VIT Priests and Crusaders but it can be used to remove other characters with style ^^ Remember that your enemies will also have damage reducing equipment, so being able to do a 20k damage Asura to monsters does not mean you can kill players so easily.

Damage output is important, but other skills like Snap, Root, and Mental Strength can be useful in affecting a large battle. Monk has a very wide variety of capabilities, explore them all to be a versatile asset for your guild.

The typical Monk is not an Emperium breaker. Although the crystal is Small and ideal for knuckles, it has very high defense. Even worse, Trifecta misses as all other skills, so only the 75-80% of normal attacks will hit. Only a Monk that avoids combo skills entirely like the Pure Spirit build above can avoid this. A combo Monk can certainly still attack an Emperium and even break one, but with a high rate of missing she will never be as effective as other jobs like critical Assassins can be.


Q. Omghax I saw a video from cRO of a Monk fighting a Lava Golem...
... and it is a GM. You can not be that strong and that fast and take 1 damage from a Lava Golem. In fact you probably can't take 1 damage from a Lava Golem with Mental Strength and Angelus with 100 VIT. The Monk in that video clip uses active skills so does not have MS active, and you can't get 100 VIT with that kind of strength and speed. It is hard to guess but her ASPD is well above 180 (which is about the highest you can reach without sacrificing a lot of STR/VIT/INT). It is not a normal character, and real Monks are not that powerful /swt

Q. When is Monk coming to my server?
kRO: 2003 July (June for Sakray)
jRO: 2003 October
cRO: 2003 November?
tRO: 2004 January?
mRO: 2004 March
iRO: 2004 May (April for Sakray)
pRO: 2004 September?

Q. When is the Rebirth system bringing Champions to my server?
kRO: 2004 March
cRO: 2004 July (test server?)
all others: TBA
Read about Champions here:

Q. What is the best stat build?
There isn't one, Monk can benefit from every stat more than most other jobs. Every combination has its own advantages. If there was one best build everyone would have it and everything would be boring. Custom characters are one of this game's great features. The only common stat should be high STR, although an AGI/VIT build would be a great tank and an INT/VIT Monk might be even harder to kill than a Priest... not much attack power but she would have the SP to use Physical Immune as a normal buff O_o So many possibilities, the only "best" is the one you imagine yourself.

Q. 99 AGI 1 VIT?
Honestly 1 VIT for a close-combat character is a poor idea x_x Flee can not be your only defense.

* You can never dodge everything, and you take more damage when you do get hit.
* You have less HP so every hit is relatively a larger amount away from your life.
* You have no resistance to stun (zero flee), poison, and silence.
* You have no defense against magic or the occasional enemy with high accuracy or crits. Monster mobs lowering your flee leave you defenseless.

89+6 AGI 34+6 VIT takes about the same points as 99+6 AGI 1+6 VIT, but the extra flee just doesn't help you survive nearly as well as a low to medium amount of VIT will. If you really want more AGI, do it at the expense of another stat. If you just want flee then max Falling Pear Petals and wear Chonchon shoes or other appropriate equipment.

Q. What is the best skill build?
... The one that matches your stats? If you have high INT, you can have a powerful Asura Strike. High DEX is suited for Manipulate Sphere's longer cast times. If you have any significant amount of LUK, Critical Explosion can help you punch through the strongest defenses.

Q. How high are Monk's HP/SP?
Monk's HP seems to be just over twice as much as an Acolyte, slightly higher than Blacksmith.
Monk's SP is about 5% *less* than Acolyte!

Q. Can Monks dual-wield like Assassins?
No, and there was never ANY information that said they would be able to do so.
Knuckle does not come in pairs like Katar-type weapons and you can not equip two.
Monk uses one weapon and one shield, just like Acolyte and Priest.

Q. Does Trifecta function while using Maces?
Yes. All Monk skills work with all weapons, except of course Iron Fist.

Q. Should I use Mace or Knuckle weapons?
Both. Knuckles attack 21% faster than Maces. Maces do more damage per swing, as Iron Fist does not make up for Knuckles' worse size penalties and ATK. Therefore Knuckle is a better choice for normal attacks and combos, and Mace is better for spirit attacks.

Q. Does Guillotine Fist affect MVP monsters?
Yes. There was a rumor that it would not, but it was false.

Q. Does Mental Strength affect MVP monsters?
Yes. Gravity's own information originally said that it would not, but the skill was also going to reduce all damage to 1. Immunity is useful for tanking, but slower attacks and less damage taken will make it difficult for you to compete for an MVP using this skill.

Q. Does Root affect MVP monsters?
Not only does Root seem to fail to catch MVPs in iRO at the moment, but I have found that it fails against near-boss monsters like Dark Illusions and Owl Barons. MVPs have been Rooted on other versions of RO.

Q. What ASPD potions can Monk use?
Concentration and Awakening.

Q. What's the highest possible ASPD for a Monk?
Using Awakening Potion, Increase AGI 10 and Blessing 10:
99+33 AGI (+2 Ghost Bandana, +1 Insomniac, +1 Speedy, +2 Hermes, +3 Rogue, +6 Athletic Brooches)
99+14 DEX
187 ASPD with bare fist.
187 ASPD with Berserk knuckle.
186 ASPD with Quadruple Shrewd Waghnak.
185 ASPD with other knuckle weapons.
183 ASPD with Quadruple Shrewd Mace, 187 with Adrenaline Rush.
182 ASPD with other blunt weapons, 186 with Adrenaline Rush.
A typical AGI build with better balance in her stats will have 175~180 ASPD using knuckles.

Q. How much accuracy do I need to hit?
( enemy level + enemy AGI + 20 ) accuracy is 100% hit rate on that enemy. Every point of accuracy below this reduces the chance of hitting by 1%. Example : Baphomet has 233 flee (level 81 + 152 AGI), so a level 99 Monk with 40 DEX, Blessing lv10, and a Quadruple Ancient Mace has (99+40+10+80) 229 hit. She will hit Baphomet 76% of the time.

Q. How much flee do I need to never be hit?
( enemy level + enemy DEX + 80 ) flee would be 100% to dodge that enemy but since chance to dodge is capped at 95%, we use (level+DEX+75) instead. As with hitting, each point short means chance to dodge is 1% lower. Example : Baphomet has 201 hit (level 81 + 120 DEX), so 276 flee is needed for 95% dodge - more than Assassins are usually capable of and definitely out of reach for Monks. A level 99 Monk with 85 AGI, lv10 Increase Agility, lv6 Flee, and a Mocking Muffler will have (99+85+12+9+20) 228 flee. Baphomet will miss her 47% of the time.

Important Stuff that hopefully never becomes important

Copyright 2004 by Akemi KAWAKAMI.

This guide may be not be reproduced under except for personal private use. It is not to be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is prohibited and is a violation of copyright. Thank you for reading m(._.)m
Biolabs 3 Guide for monks! Coming soon!
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