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Old 08-26-2007, 05:04 PM   #1
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Default How to refine weapons?

Im still a newbie in the game, so i dont know how to refine weapons even i up all the skills related to the refine weapons. Can anyone tell me the requirements?
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Old 08-29-2007, 07:14 PM   #2
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There is a shop in prontera, in the building South East of the middle fountain.
The person that can refine gear is behind the counter/desk
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I'm thinking the OP meant how to refine weapons himself, without the help of the NPC (this is the Blacksmith subforum after all). To get the skill "Upgrade Weapon", you have to Transcend your Blacksmith into a Whitesmith/Mastersmith. The skill requirements for Upgrade Weapon are 10 points in Weaponry Research.
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the problem with refining weapons yourself is that unless your above job lvl 50 whitesmith, your success rate is actually lower then that of the NPC... and it is entirely based on job lvl for your success rate instead of skills... this could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your build... I would suggest just using the npc... its simple, quick, easy, and you dont have to get a job lvl 60 whitesmtih to do so...
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the problem with the OP is that he seems to have at least a blacksmith character with "refine" skills already but still doesn't know our good pal Hollgren...

considering the amount of time one would spend leveling a merchant, I doubt that any player with common sense would not ask someone in-game nicely and that someone would have pointed this out long ago...
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